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30 Different Jademan Comics - New! English Version JADEMAN25

30 Different Jademan Comics - New! English Version JADEMAN25

30 Different Jademan Comics - New! English Version JADEMAN25
Item #:JADEMAN25
List Price:$125.00
Sale Price:$27.50 - You Save 78.00% ($97.5)
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Does the name Jademan Comics ring any bells? Some comic fans might recall a mustachioed entrepreneur named Tony Wong who introduced a slew of Chinese comics to the American public in the late 1980s. His company Jademan released English language reprints of such Hong Kong fare as Oriental Heroes, Drunken Fist, Force of Buddha's Palm, and Ma Wing-Shing's Blood Sword. After some initial popularity, the public's interest in Chinese comics waned, and Jademan ceased publication in the United States. (Review by Sanjuro)

In Hong Kong, Jademan Comics are quite popular, and some come out even weekly, something unheard of in the States. Jademan Comics had a limited run in the U.S. during the 1980's with such titles as "Oriental Heroes", "Drunken Fist", "Blood Sword", and "Fist of Buddha's Palm." These comics (with fantastic art) were imported from Hong Kong and translated into English with scripts by Mike Baron.

We are offering Jademan Comics from storage---25 different ones including Jademan Kung Fu Special #1. You can buy all 30 for $27.50. The following issues are included. The Blood Sword 18,6,4,5,13,14,11,8 The Force of Buddah's Palm 11,4,8,9,5,7,2 Drunken Fist 7,3,2,4,18,14,15,11,6,21 Oriental Heroes 21,18,13,14 Jademan Kung Fu #1

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