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Bag Of 25 Dark Slotted Wood 2" OT-60-16AHSL643A

Bag Of 25 Dark Slotted Wood 2" OT-60-16AHSL643A

Bag Of 25  Dark Slotted Wood 2" OT-60-16AHSL643A
Item #:OT-60-16AHSL643A
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This wood piece is lathe turned and finished. It is 2" long, and has a 1/8" slot running across the back. Can you think of a use for these? How about running a row of these around a piece of panel to make a picture frame, or to finish off a bare edge? Use a piece of glass, attach 4 of these and you have an attractive coaster.

Buying a bag of 25 pieces

  • Length: 2" (51 mm)
  • Width: 11/16" (17 mm)
  • Indent: 3/16" (5 mm)
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