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Pie Safe Tin - Fireworks Pattern - Hammered Copper-Bronze (STL-FWKSDCOP)

Pie Safe Tin - Fireworks Pattern - Hammered Copper-Bronze (STL-FWKSDCOP)

Pie Safe Tin - Fireworks Pattern - Hammered Copper-Bronze (STL-FWKSDCOP)
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Pie Safe Tin - Fireworks Pattern - Hammered Copper-Bronze (STL-FWKSDCOP)
This Exclusive Durable Finish was developed by D. Lawless to meet the requests of customers for a more friendly non-tarnishing and cleanable finish that still maintained the character of "old' traditional pie safe tins.

Vertical wheat pattern punched steel. Fireworks Pattern Hammered Antique Copper Finish 10" x 14" perforated pie safe tin with antique hammered copper finish. (MAY BE DARKER THAN THEY APPEAR)

Designed to be used in horizontal or vertical position.

Finish will resist fingerprinting, and oxidation, but must be cleaned with nonabrasive cleaners. Treat this as you would a painted surface when choosing a cleaner. Dish washing soap is good.

Finish is durable, textured, non-finger printing and washable with dish washing soap.

For the technically minded, this is a powder-coated epoxy finish offering the same durability and similar texture found on expensive lawn furniture.

Measures 10" X 14".

Extra picture features the pie safe tin in use with an aged pattern in use from Our Crafty Mom.

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