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Clear Glass Cabochon - Uniformly Sized 29.6 mm Diameter

Clear Glass Cabochon - Uniformly Sized 29.6 mm Diameter

Clear Glass Cabochon - Uniformly Sized 29.6 mm Diameter
Item #:DL-P3686-34-CLGS
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Glass Cabochon
29.5 mm Diameter

These cabochons fit our knob base DL-P3686-1Base-SN perfectly. In fact they were made for each other! And, guaranteed to fit.

Many glass cabochons currently on the market are inconsistent in size and irregular since they are essentially just glass globs. We had a mold made to produce a uniform cabochon that would be easy to use.Then we produced a base that has a completely flat inside the rim area so that installing your favorite "under glass" feature would be a snap.
Thanks for the great customer input in developing this product. We hope you find it useful.

These glass cabochons are hand-cast from hot glass and although they are uniform in diameter and uniformly flat on the bottom due to the use of a mold, you will inevitably find some small bubbles and maybe some dimples that refract the light to appear as small specks mostly near the edges. We try to emphasize quality control with the makers, but this just seems to be the nature of things in the hand-cast glass business. And it is not like they rush their work as it takes them 6 months to produce an order for us.

These lenses have a magnifying factor of about 1.5X.

For a quick look at how easy it is to customize your own knobs please see our post on making cabinet knobs at the DLH blog.

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