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Knob or Pull Making Base - Venetian Bronze -16x16mm

Knob or Pull Making Base - Venetian Bronze -16x16mm

Knob or Pull Making Base - Venetian Bronze -16x16mm
Item #:M10-BASE-P2786-VB
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Knob or Pull Making Base - Venetian Bronze -16x16mm
Knob or Pull Making Base - Venetian Bronze -16x16mm
Make your own knobs from anything you can imagine!

Use epoxy glue with this simple and elegant base to create a one of a kind knob.
  • 16mm diameter x 16mm tall
  • Die-cast Venetian bronze base for cabinet knob craftsmen.
  • Hole passes all the way through. Base is threaded for a standard 8-32 knob screw to a depth of 1/4", available in our screw section in many lengths.
  • Opposite (wider) end is flat and features a thru-hole to provide a "glue pocket" to help with adhesion. This finish shows just a hint of copper which distinguishes it from Oil Rubbed Bronze.
D. Lawless Hardware

We have made an exclusive upgrade to our knob bases. We love all requests and suggestions from our customers. Your input has helped us add many successful new products and finishes. We especially pay attention to what our largest quantity buyers have to say because they have the feedback from their many customers to share with us. So, here is what’s new and why we did it: One of the most frustrating knob problems for a homeowner is the tendency for knobs to “work loose” over a period of time. And, especially vexing are efforts to keep square and rectangular knobs from turning “out of alignment”. It is almost impossible to tighten a knob enough to prevent this from happening. It is a simple matter of physics. Users grab the knob from various angles and put torque on the base. The holding screw being many times smaller in diameter than the knob is easily turned--- similar to how the larger grip handle on a screwdriver multiplies the torque on a small screw. There are a few “high end” knobs on the market that have fixed this problem by adding a small nib to the base. This nib is very small and pretty sharp. When the installer places the knob in the desired position and draws the base down tight with the knob screw, the nib makes a tiny dent in the surface and is locked in place. No more loose knobs to spin around, look crooked, and mar the cabinet face. (the small indention is of little concern compared to the damage a loose knob creates, and any subsequent knob replacement will easily cover this “dimple”. So folks, that is what we have done. We added a nib to our bases so that your products and projects can also have this “high end” feature. Our solid brass bases are still available without this feature if you prefer.

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