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Mounting Tape Pvc Double-Faced 1/8'X1-1/4"X75' CS-9999

Mounting Tape Pvc Double-Faced 1/8'X1-1/4"X75' CS-9999

Mounting Tape Pvc Double-Faced 1/8'X1-1/4"X75' CS-9999
Item #:CS-9999
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PVC foam double-faced mounting tape. PVC foam on a paper liner. Shear resistant. Permanet bond to irregular surfaces. Foam carrier compensates for unevenness and roughness. Applications include: Affixing mirrors, decorative profiles & signs, Mounting of cable channel, Bonding of trim to a variety of substrates, both smooth and rough, Bonding of signs and letters to walls, both inside and outside. High adhesion as well as thickness for bonding to rough surfaces.

Advice: PVC is a tough, durable plastic film with resistance to oils, chemicals and solvents. It has excellent abrasion resistance and the presence of plasticiser makes it very stretchy. When applying tape, press down firmly to allow the adhesive to bond well. Always allow PVC tape to 'relax' for a few seconds before pressing down well. When talking about double sided tapes, the faced side is the side that peels off the roll of tape. The un-faced side is the top side Try not to over stretch adhesive tapes before applying, otherwise they will try to shrink back after application Do not judge how sticky a tape is by how easily it unwinds. Some tapes are designed to unwind easily yet have a very powerful adhesive.
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