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Pie Safe Tin - Plain Tin-Coated Steel - No Punched Holes - A Blank Canvas ! (TIN-EMP)

Pie Safe Tin - Plain Tin-Coated Steel - No Punched Holes - A Blank Canvas ! (TIN-EMP)

Pie Safe Tin - Plain Tin-Coated Steel - No Punched Holes - A Blank Canvas ! (TIN-EMP)
Item #:T10-TIN-EMP
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Plain tin-coated steel. Create your punched tin using metal punches. You can fashion your own unique patterns by shaping common punches into shapes of your choosing using a bench grinder. These are not coated, and will tarnish easily, but can be restored using #0000 steel wool after you have created your masterpiece.

These "blank canvasses" are available for your own artistic expression.

PLEASE READ: These "tins" are actually tin plated steel just like the original tins found in antique cabinets. The tin plating begins to oxidize soon after the plating process. We wear gloves to handle these, but sometimes they come directly from the maker with fingerprints or discolorations and spots that need steel-wooled. This is the nature of the beast. You are going to get them all fingerprinted and tarnished with the salts from your fingers while designing and punching your masterpiece anyway -- so just plan on polishing them with steel wool when your project is complete.Think of these tins as you would your solid copper pots and pans or your solid brass bed that must be cleaned and polished on a regular basis. You should expect to clean and protect these tins with wax, or coat with a clear finish. The easiest way to clean and polish them is with #0000 steel wool. Enjoy your authentic pie safe tins.

Measures 10" X 14".

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