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Plumbing Goop 3.7 Oz M10-150011

Plumbing Goop 3.7 Oz M10-150011

Plumbing Goop 3.7 Oz M10-150011
Item #:M10-150011
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Plumbing Goop 3.7 Oz M10-150011

Permanently seal your leaks.

  • Strongest single component adhesive.
  • Bonds to metal, tile, plastic, porcelain, rubber.

  • Seals with a flexible, waterproof hold.
  • Connects PVC, ABS, and copper pipes.
  • Withstands heat up to 150°F / 66°C.

  • Seal around metal sink traps.
  • Repair broken or leaking porcelain.
  • Seal sinks and countertops.
  • Reattach loose tiles in the shower.
  • Connect copper to plastic pipes.
  • Permanently attach hoses to metal faucets.

  • And much more!
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HOW TO USE Just follow these step-by-step directions when using Amazing GOOP®: 1. Please read all directions before using. Amazing GOOP should be used in a well-ventilated area. 2. Surface should be clean, dry, and free from dirt. For best results, roughen surface before use. Best when used between 70° F (21° C) and 85° F (29° C). 3. Puncture the seal at the top of the tube using the pointer cap. 4. Always test a small area to ensure proper application technique and dry time. Prolonged exposure to warm water may cause discoloration and possible loss of adhesion when exposed to chemicals used in hot tubs and pools, especially in outdoor locations. Amazing GOOP may be weakened by contact with certain highly plasticized materials. 5. Apply Amazing GOOP directly to each surface to be bonded or repaired. Allow Amazing GOOP to partially cure, 2-10 minutes, before bringing surfaces together. Amazing GOOP hardens by solvent evaporation and forms an immediate bond that is difficult to reposition after both adhesive-coated surfaces are placed in contact with each other and sufficient pressure is exerted to establish full contact. 6. Allow the repair to dry for 24 hours. Depending on the materials and the temperature maximum strength may not be reached for 48 to 72 hours. Cure time increases with lower temperatures and decreases with higher temperatures. 7. Keep threads at the neck of the tube free of Amazing GOOP residue. To ensure easy cap removal, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the threads of the tube before replacing the cap. 8. Clean uncured adhesive with small amounts of acetone or naphtha; the adhesive will ball up and brush off. Cured material may be removed by cutting or scraping. 9. Store unused Amazing GOOP at room temperature with cap tightened. NOTE: Amazing GOOP may damage finished surfaces. Avoid such contact until Amazing GOOP is completely dry.

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