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Large Phrenology Head - Porcelain 13" Tall POR-37843
Large Phrenology Head - Porcelain 13" Tall POR-37843
Large Phrenology Head - Porcelain 13" Tall POR-37843
Item #:POR-37843
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Large Phrenology Head - Porcelain 13" Tall POR-37843

White porcelain with cobalt blue trim and black lettering. "PHRENOLOGY by L.N. FOWLER" on front. "L.N. FOWLER, Ludgate Circus, London" on left side. "Entered at Stationer's Hall" on right side.

Text on back says," For thirty years I have studied cranial and living heads form all parts of the world, and have found in every instance that there is a perfect correspondence between the conformation of the healthy skull of an individual and his known characteristics. To make my observations available I have prepared a bust of superior formed and marked the divisions of the organs in accordance with my researches and varied experience. L.N.FOWLER."

Head is extensively mapped into areas of phrenological importance. Areas include courage, order, love of home, identity, friendship, sociability, sublimity, ideality, intuitive reasoning, and many, many more.

A real conversation piece. Hand-painted and made one at a time, these are unique and individual. Do not expect perfection and uniformity from one phrenology head to the next. An uneven brush mark here and there are expected and part of its charm. This antique reproduction is what it is, flaws and all. Brown spots in the white porcelain are intentional, as are all other apparent "flaws". If you would buy a pair of jeans that looked like they had not been washed for a month or had holes worn through them, then you understand this concept.

A great office or den object for any medical professional, or for the collector of esoteric items. Stands 13" tall, 6-1/4" wide, and is 5" deep. Very Impressive.

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