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Wood Tech Teachers Offer

Wood Tech Teachers Offer

Wood Tech Teachers

We appreciate wood shop teachers who go out of their way to provide worthwhile projects for their students despite a squeezed budget. If your project requires knobs, pulls, handles, hinges, or other hardware that we carry, D. Lawless will be more than happy to chip-in.

Call or e-mail us with details of your project and a list of the items you need. We will look at each project individually and determine what we can do to contribute.

All we ask is a chance to recognize your students’ accomplishments and take a little credit for our contribution by posting pictures of the finished projects in our "Customer Projects" section. Customer Projects

D. Lawless Wholesale has a long history of local community participation, especially for our youth. We have sponsored teams, bought uniforms and equipment, coached soccer, baseball, and basketball, helped buy playground equipment, served on boards for both academic achievement and disciplinary policies. We sponsor a yearly academic achievement award for middle school achievers….. well, you get the idea; We support our youth. So, this offer just comes naturally to us.