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Touch Light Control - 150 Watt (350 Watt Max)

Touch Light Control - 150 Watt (350 Watt Max)

Touch Light Control - 150 Watt (350 Watt Max)
Item #:M10-T505-091-BLACK
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Touch Light Control

3 brightness levels and off

Convert any light or lamp to touch control

Simply plug any light or lighting into 2-foot male standard plug lead. Plug other 10-ft cord into wall outlet. Small 3-foot control lead can be attached to any metal surface to touch to control the lighting.

For can lights in cabinets and hutches, lead is usually attached to one of the hinge screws inside the hutch. Touch cabinet hinge to control. Low voltage halogen counter top lighting can be controlled in same way. I used these at home, and placed a 1" matte chrome knob under the upper cabinets to touch, with control unit on top of cabinets out of site---works great. Use your imagination.

120 volts, 150 stated, 350 watts maximum (per manufacturer)switching load
Incandescent bulbs only. WILL NOT WORK WITH HALOGEN BULBS

Box measures 2 1/4" wide X 4 3/8" long X 1 1/2" deep with 2 mounting tabs extending 1/2" from each long side.

UL Approved

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Will dimming switches work with a halogen light bulb?

Yes, conventional incandescent dimmers will work to dim halogen lamps. However, the effectiveness of the halogen cycle to keep the lamp walls clean and give longer life may well be affected. This cycle depends upon correct lamp operating temperatures, which of course will be changed when the lamp is dimmed. Therefore, using a dimmer may not extend the life of your halogen lamp as much as a dimmer typically extends the life of a standard incandescent lamp. The halogen lamp is designed to prevent the tungsten from depositing on the inside of the bulb wall and darkening it. Because the halogen action stops working when the bulb wall temperature falls below 260 degrees Centigrade, which may happen when the dimmer lowers the voltage, the halogen lamp blackens and its life is not prolonged as much as an incandescent lamp on a dimmer. Eventually a severely dimmed halogen lamp can become blackened and fail. The wall blackening can be partially reversed if the halogen lamp is operated at full power, non-dimmed, periodically to allow the halogen cycle to remove some of the deposited tungsten.(information quoted from Tecklight)

Unlike standard incandescent bulbs, standard CFLs do not work with dimmer switches or 3-way lamps. However, you can find CFLs for these applications:

Use Dimmable CFLs designed to work with fixtures wired to a dimmer switch.
A dimmable CFL cannot produce the same range of light levels as an incandescent bulb connected to a dimmer, however. Dimmable CFLs typically dim down to about 20% of total light output. Below that, the bulb switches off. If you want to use a CFL with a dimmer switch, make sure you choose a bulb with “dimmable” on the packaging.