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Your search has brought you to D. Lawless Hardware. Your specific needs have been the heart of our business for 20 years. We believe exceptional people—hardworking, skilled, entrepreneurial people—should receive exceptional status. No wholesale hardware order is too small to be considered important to us; or for that matter, too large. Yes, your wholesale cabinet, furniture, and construction hardware requirements are a priority around here, and always have been. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not a train bearing down on you. Please join our family of satisfied businesses.

Our selection of products is extensive and the pricing is right. Compare with anyone. There are deals on every page, scattered like sea shells on the beach. For some really hot deals see our close-out section. We have cabinet makers hardware at a price cabinet makers need.

For Contractors and Builders, we offer special wholesale cabinet hardware pricing. Wholesale hardware prices and case-lot pricing is important to you as a Contractor or Builder,and we are in tune with you.

“Price is not everything (although it’s pretty darned important). You require and deserve quality construction hardware products to work with --- and you need them shipped to you on-time. We've got you covered.

Have a special problem? Do you need some unusual or hard-to-find specialty hinge, latch, catch, knob, pull or other whatchamacallit and do not want to pay those “specialty catalog” prices. If we do not have it, we’ll help you find it at the best price. So, if you need to spend more time working your trade and less time looking for the cabinet or furniture hardware to work with, let us help you.

Maybe, your current supplier is temporarily out of a hardware item you use all the time. Let us fill-in and be your back-up wholesale hardware source. And, if you will project your future requirements, D. Lawless Hardware will do its best to keep your hardware needs in stock and ready to ship.

D. Lawless is a direct importer of hardware and a Master Distributor for Liberty Hardware. Please browse our website now to see if we can help you with your hardware requirements. Feel free to contact us anytime by e-mail, fax (618-395-3946), or between 9AM and 5PM Central Time by phone (618-395-3945).

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