Clockwork 4" Tin Cat Toy - 40 Year Old Stock TinCatToy002750C

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This tin cat toy comes with a key for winding-up. So, wind him up, and he takes off across the floor, stops to roll-over, then takes off again to do more of the same. Fun to watch. A great collectible with an authentic look. Made for collectors and nostalgia buffs, not a children's toy. Measures 4"X2"X1-1/2".

We know the heritage of these tin wind-up toys as we have warehoused them for about 25 years. They were produced on much older dies in China in the 1970s by The Castle in Pennsylvania. There was only one production run and sales were rather unexciting. So, being the scavengers we are, we bought all they had and have been slowly selling them out of our Olney store for all these years ( when I have a unique item, I am a very patient merchandiser they dont eat anything as they say).

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