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Beautiful Antique Glass KnobsAntique Copper Cup PullWheat Bail Pull

D. Lawless Hardware - Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and So Much More!

"Why are you here? Let me guess!"

You're looking for kitchen cabinet hardware. You're looking for kitchen cabinet hardware that won't bankrupt you. You're looking for cabinet hardware that is stylish and up to date.

Trying for the retro look or the antique look we have them all.

We also have the more expensive kitchen cabinet hardware, but it is still priced less than most on the Internet.

Our ranges of products go from antique restoration to the most recent releases from manufactures. Quality products from Liberty Hardware are found through out the website.

"You can feel confident you are at the right place - - - Because . . . "

D. Lawless Hardware has been in business for 30 years in a brick and mortar store. D. Lawless Hardware has been an Internet store since 1999.

We have thousands of satisfied customer's come through our Internet doors. Many of those are repeat customers and now friends. Our quality product and service bring new customers everyday. We have a varied product line with lower than expected prices.

We are looking forward to having you as a friend also.

Take time to look at our products. I'm sure you can find something you will like.
Below is a small selection of our product line.

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*Kitchen Cabinet Knobs Hardware

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs,China Cabinet Knobs, Furniture Knobs,Kitchen Drawer Knobs
Kitchen Cabinet Knobs from Antique for Furniture to Fifties Style to Modern.
There is kitchen cabinet knobs here to fulfill any one's wishes on beauty or uniqueness.

*Kitchen Cabinet Antique Restoration Glass Knobs

Beautiful Antique Glass Knobs
Antique Furniture Restoration Glass Knobs in many different colors - Cobalt blue - Ruby Red - Clear glass - And More
Antique Restoration Glass Knobs for furniture and cabinets in a Rainbow of Colors used in restoration or on new cabinets.

*Beautiful Stylish Designer Glass Knobs

Lovely designer Glass and Metal Knobs            Beautiful Glass and Metal designer Knobs

Stylish and modern design of metal and glass knobs will beauty and style to another wise common decor.
See all of the lovely styles of  our designer glass and metal knobs in modern designs.

*Classic Glass Knobs & Period Glass Knobs

Classic Glass Knobs       Period Glass Knobs   
We have crystal knobs in various shapes and sizes and colors.  Crystal knobs give you the look are looking for in quality and appearance, keep your project looking great with crystal knobs.

*Art Glass Hand Made Knobs That Are A Delight

Art Glass Knobs        More Art Glass Knobs

The height of beauty is the the hand made art glass knobs. Even when hand made art glass knobs are a like, they are a little different than each other.
See all the different styles we have.
*Beautiful Crystal Clear Acrylic Knobs!

Acrylic KnobsCrystal Clear acrylic KnobsAll shapes and sizes Acrylic Knobs

Beautiful Crystal Clear Acrylic Knobs in Different shapes

We have acrylic knobs in various shapes and sizes and colors. Acrylic knobs give you the crystal look at a much lower price. With no sacrifice in quality or appearance, you can keep your project within budget using acrylic knobs.

Colors from crystal clear to clear light blue, clear light green, and clear light purple
and much more!

*Cast Kitchen Knobs

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs   cabinet knobs    Kitchen Knobs

Cast kitchen cabinet knobs comes in a huge array of different types of metal and finishes.
Brass Plated and solid brass knobs, Antique and Antique English Knobs - for Kitchen Cabinets,
 China Cabinets knobs, Furniture Hardware Knobs
Just a few popular and modern finishes are Black knobs - Black Chrome knobs - Chrome knobs -
Copper knobs - Nickel knobs - Pewter Knobs- Painted knobs.

*Black Cabinet Knobs All Styles

Bird Cage Wire Knob    Black Cabinet KnobBlack Knob

48 styles of  black kitchen cabinet knobs to choose from - Find yours Here!

Flat black, glossy black, and pitch black kitchen cabinet knobs are just a few shades of black avaliable.

I'm sure you can find a black kitchen cabinet knob within this section to fit you needs.

*Brushed Satin Nickel, Sterling Nickel, Pearl Nickel, Matte Nickel

Satin Nickel Knob        Brushed satin nickel
48 styles of  nickel finished kitchen cabinet knobs to choose from - Find yours Here!

Sophisticated brushed satin, sterling, pearl and matte nickel kitchen cabinet knobs will delight you and make you friends take notice.

*Oil Rubbed Bronze, Traditional Bronze

oil rubbed Bronze knob  Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Knob
Over 100 styles of oil rubbed bronze and bronze kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls to choose from.

Bronze and oil rubbed bronze are the new classic style of fiinishes for kitchen cabinets and furniture.

Always in style and will look great forever, kitchen cabinet knobs everyone will appreciate.

Find your match today!

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*Antique Copper Knobs For Furniture & Cabinets

Antique Copper Knob   Cabinet Copper Knob   Wire Bird Cage Copper Knob
Well over 150 styles of copper and antique copper knobs and pulls for you to find what is just right for you!

Copper knobs, bright and shiney, hammered, and patterned are only a few type presented here.

Copper knobs are among the old types of knobs known. So when selecting copper knobs for your kitchen cabinets or furniture the is now chance they will go out of style.

Order your copper kitchen cabinet knobs today.

Satin Nickel Furniture Knobs

Satin Nickel Knobs   D. Lawless Hardware  Satin Nickel Daisy Knob
For beauty and style nothing beats satin nickel knobs. With 4 pages of satin nickel knobs to look through
you are bound to find just the knob you need for your project.

Satin Nickel kitchen cabinet knobs adds a little glamor to your kitchen or furniture

Antique Brass & Antique Bronze Cabinet & Furniture Knobs

Antique Brass Knob  Antique Hammered Brass Knob    Antique Brass Bail Knob
To use antique brass and antique bronze knobs, you can restore an older cabinet or furniture piece to it's grand
old grace and elegance. If used on a newer item it adds the charm of a time past.

Adding antique brass or antique bronze kitchen cabinet knobs to your project automatically gives you elegance.

Which ever way you use the antique brass and antique bronze knobs you will have satisfaction in a well finished project.

Antique and Satin Brushed Pewter Knobs

Pewter Cherry Knob   Pewter Pineapple Knob   Elegant Pewter Knob
Pewter is some of the oldest material artisans ever used to make knobs with. Today the past is recreated
and the future is crafted in this old technology. Look at over 20 pages of pewter knobs and pulls to get what is
needed for your project.

Pewter is from the ancient days of metal working, today it has come full circle with the modern and country looks for kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls.

Pewter knobs are for furniture and cabinets in all sorts of designs and styles.

Retro 50's - Bright Polished and Brushed Chrome

Chrome Ball Knob   Modern Hourglass Chrome Knob   Chrome Knob
Retro 50's and Modern Style Cabinet Knobs all in chrome. Whether you are being retro, bringing the past back or updating your theme, you can count on bright polished and brushed chrome knobs to make a statement.

Restoring the fifties look to a kitchen or a hutch is easy with these kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls for doors and drawers.

Matte Chrome - Satin Chrome

Satin Chrome Knob  Matte Chrome Knob  Matte Chrome Oval Knob
A dynamic look in matte chrome and satin chrome matches many decor challenges with grace and strength.
Look at matte and satin chrome knobs to add that extra push to take a project over the top.

Matte chrome has some of the same looks of stainless steel knobs.

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Painted Metal Knobs

Painted Cranberry Knob Navy Blue Painted Knob   Antique Copper Painted Knob
Cabinet knobs with the strength of metal and the beauty of colorful paint. These painted heavy metal knobs will find a home
in many of your projects and look absolutely wonderful.

The powder coating is in itself a wonderfully hard finish, offering years of service without visible wear.

These would be good weather resistant knobs for doors or drawers.

Bright Brass & Gold Plated Cabinet Knobs

Bright Brass Knobs and Gold Plated Knobs For Furniture and Cabinets adds glamour and elegance to any
completed project.

Polished Brass Cabinet Knobs

Polished Brass Knob Elegant Polished Brass Knob  Polished Brass and Wood
Polished brass plated cabinet and furniture knobs really brighten a project up and adds a classy look.

Polished brass has been a long time favorite for kitchen cabinet knobs and fashionable furniture.  

The elegant styles and classic designs are all you could ask for in our collection of polished brass.

Gold Cabinet Knobs

Gold Octagon knob Gold Round knob  Gold Hourglass Knob
In classic or modern style these gold plated knobs can't be beat!

Gold plated finishes are rich in a color that is not found in other finishes. Perfect for elegant furniture and more.

Regardless of your needs, cabnets or drawers gold knobs will fill the bill,

Sterling Brass Cabinet Knobs

Sterling Brass Knob   Sterling Brass Round Knob  Sterling Brass Knobs
Sterling brass is stylish and dramatic. This is the only way to describe these sterling brass cabinet knobs.

The sterling brass finish adds to the graceful looks of any kitchen cabinet knob or knob for furniture.

Brushed Brass Cabinet Knobs

Brushed Brass Whistle Knob  Brushed Brass Knob
Brushed brass cabinet or furniture knobs add just the right amount of difference to a project
to make it look outstanding.

Brushed brass has that sought after look of soft sunshine adding class to any project.

Cabinets, drawers or furnitures look will be improved with these wonder ful knobs.

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Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet and Commercial Knobs

Aluminum Daisy Knob  Aluminum Football Knob  Aluminum Inter-Locking Circles Knob
Aluminum knobs are light in weight but terrifically sturdy and now are long lasting in beauty and strength.

For design from classic to modern, aluminum cabinet knobs brings a bright glow to any project.

Knobs in Antique English and Lancaster English

Antique English Knob Antique English Two Tone Knob  Lancaster English Knob
An Old Traditional Stand-By For Furniture & Cabinets - Antique English finish was and is a very popular
knob for restoring cabinets and furniture. Antique English knobs give a project just the right look for aged beauty.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs in Satin Silver, Antique Silver & Brushed Sterling Silver

satin silver knob in rope design Antique Silver Knob   Ornate silver knob
When looking for true beauty and elegance silver has always been at the the fore front. Today it is no different
than in the past when silver smiths worked tirelessly to make beautiful items. Satin silver knobs and sterling silver knobs
are truly gorgeous. To make your project your own, use satin silver knobs as the finale.

Two-Tone Knobs

Satin Nickel and Brass  Black chrome and Brass Knob  Brass and Chrome Knob
Blending two different finishes to make irresistible and formal looking cabinet and furniture knobs is quite an accomplishment.

Chrome, Black Chrome, Solid Brass are just some of the highlighted two tone knobs that will enhance your cabinets, doors or drawers.

Outstandingly beautiful, your project will be a delight to behold.

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*Beautiful Crystal Clear & Tinted Acrylic Knobs

Crystal clear acrylic Knob Crystal Clear Green Acrylic Knob  deep colbalt blue ABS acrylic scroll knob   Garnet & Satin Nickel
Liberty Hardware Life-time guarantee

Beauty at a bargain hunters price. Fulfill your crystal clear knob desires at prices that will astound you.

These fabulous-looking crystal and acrylic cabinet knobs will brighten any project and get you praise from all who view them.

Ceramic Knobs in Many Styles and Colors

Ceramic Patterned Knob  Ceramic Knob  Solid Color Ceramic Knob  Pattern Ceramic Knob and Pull   
Ceramic and Porcelain Knobs for Cabinet Drawers and Doors. Add a splash of color to a project,
 knobs with apples and other fruit and flowers or beautiful pastels and more.

Ceramic Cabinet Knobs - Fruit, Flowers, and Patterns

Green and White Ceramic Knob Flo-Blue Ceramic Knob  Apple Ceramic Knob  Patterned Ceramic Knob
Unique patterns and designs and wild life on ceramic knobs just to make your project your own.

From restoration quality ceramic cabinet knob and drawer knobs to modern designed . You'll find the ceramic knob that you need.

Earth tones: Terra Cotta, Stoneware, and Earthenware Knobs

Shell design Ceramic Knob Earth Tone Glazed Ceramic Knob  Snow Ceramic Knob  Earthen Tones Ceramic Knob

Earth tones for those wanting the near nature look in ceramic knobs for doors and drawers.

Pastel like colors in greens and browns  and combinations of both make a pleasing look in ceramic knobs.

Terrific knobs for those projects requiring more muted tones bet still wanting a great design statement .

These knobs are beauties and highly prized whether they are glazed or unglazed as some are.

Ceramic Knobs - Solid Color

Solid Blue Ceramic Knob Pastel Green Ceramic Knob  Black Ceramic Knob  Almond Ceramic Knob

Ceramic knobs in a multitude of solid colors to brighten any project. Bright solid colors and pastels will complete your project.

Your need for attactive but solid colored ceramic knobs can be matched here for your cabinets, doors and drawers.

Knobs and Pulls - Matching Sets

Ceramic Pulls  Matching Ceramic Knob  Matching Ceramic Knob
Matching cabinet knobs and pulls in ceramic are an attractive duo.

Wood Drawer Knobs - Finished and Unfinished

Finished Wood Knob   Stained Finish Wood Knob  Unfinished Wood Knob  
Over 120 wood knobs for you to pick and choose from, you'll get your project just the way you need it.

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*Pre-Finished, Stained, & Painted Wood Knobs

Colorful Wood Knob Nostalgic Blonde Finish Knob  Finished Wood Knob
Our largest collection of wood knobs to pick from. If you don't find it here you really are particular, but go
and look at some of our other wood knob pages.

Birch Unfinished Wood Cabinet Knobs

Birch Wood Knob Birch Wooden Knob    
To truly make your project unique to you, purchase unfinished wood knobs and paint or stain
and finish in your own style. Unfinished wood knobs have so many possibilities.

Oak Cabinet Knobs - Finished and Unfinished

  Unfinished Oak Wood Knob  Finished Oak Wood Knob  

Oak is a standard for beauty in hardwoods, look at our selection of finished and unfinished cabinets, doors or drawer knobs.

Hardwood Cabinet Knobs

Wood Metal Knob Wooden Knob with Metal base  
Different Hardwoods, some with metal base make for unique wood knobs.

For unusual beauty our wood and metal combination knobs adds a distinct look to your projects for  cabinets, doors and drawers.

Pine Wood Cabinet Knobs

Pine wooden Knobs  Pine Wood Knob  

Pine wood knobs to complete your project.

Baldwin Brass Solid Brass Knobs in Modern and Antique Styles

Brass knob Octagon Brass Knob Cut Brass Knob 

What can you say, brass is beautiful and is designed in many pleasing shapes to make solid brass knobs some of the more spectacular cabinet and furniture knobs available.

Order yours today for cabinets or furniture.

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*Stainless Steel Cabinet Knobs
Sainless Steel Knob  Brushed Stainless Steel  
Brushed or Shiny Stainless Steel adds lasting beauty and durability to cabinet knobs.

Strength and beauty are an awsome combination that stainless steel blends for everyones benefit.

Cabinets, doors and drawers all gain from this blend.

Ornate Lucite, Acrylic, Poly and Plastic Knobs

Lucite, Acrylic, Poly and Plastic Knobs  Lucite, Acrylic, Poly and Plastic Knobs  Lucite, Acrylic, Poly and Plastic Knobs  

Over 30 knobs to choose from that will liven up your project.

Don't let these lighter knobs fool you into thinking that they some how lack strength.

Molded designs and and wonderful colors for kitchen cabinets, doors and drawers.

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*Kitchen Cabinet Pulls - Drawer Handles & Drawer Pulls - Brass, Glass, Ceramic, & Wood Cabinet Pulls

Glass Pull  Cup Pull   3" CC Pull

In this section you will find about every type of cabinet pull you can think of. So take your time
 and view all of the kitchen cabinet and furniture pulls we have to offer. Kitchen cabinet pulls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. These kitchen cabinet pulls also come in a variety of metals, copper, satin nickel, bronze, and many others including brass.

Cast Metal Drawer Pulls & Handles

On this page you will find 15 doorways to all flavors of pulls. You will find antique brass pulls, satin nickel pulls,  pulls with black finishes, brass pulls and many other modern and retro or antique style pulls and finishes that you are looking for.

Antique Brass & Antique Bronze Pulls 

Antique Brass Pull Antique brass Cup Pull  Bronze Pull 

Antique Brass Pulls & Antique Bronze Pulls in Contemporary, Modern, & Antique Styles that any remodel could use

When doing restoration on furniture or cabinets, antique bronze pulls and antique brass pulls for doors and drawers is sought to fill the aged look that makes your project so special.

*Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze & Tumbled Bronze Cabinet Pulls
Oil Rubbed Bronze PullOil Rubbed Cabinet Pull Wire Oil Rubbed Bronze
Bronze Pulls - Oil Rubbed Bronze Pulls from modern to Old fashion - The choice is yours.

Rich colored bronze pulls and dark oil rubbed bronze pulls add a distinction to cabinets, doors and drawers where attention is needed for the overall look.

*Black, Flat Black, Black Chrome & Black Nickel, Weathered Flat Black Pulls

Flat Black Cabinet Pull  Flat Black Pull  Mission Flat Black Pull
Over 48 styles of black cabinet door pulls and drawer pulls to choose from to make your project unique.

Classic, mission or stylish decor will do well with these black kitchen cabinet and furniture pulls.

Mission style hardware looks great on restoration pieces and new projects as well.

Mission style hardware comes in many styles for cabinets and furniture, doors and drawers. They give special flair on everything they are used on.

Satin Nickel Drawer Pulls

Satin Nickel Cup Pull  Door and Drawer Pull  Fancy Satin Nickel Pull
Satin Nickel is a beautiful finish for pulls, though not a perfect match, but can be used with stainless steel.

This section has the standard 3" and 4"center to center pulls and  has 32mm to 288mm center to center pulls in many styles that are sure to please.

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*Old Brass, Antique English, Lancaster, and Satin Bronzed Brass Pulls
Antique English Bail Pull  Antique English Pull  Wheat Bail Pull
Add age or reconfirm the age of your furniture with these reasonably priced antique English pulls.

When restoration is an issue, the use of these pulls will put you as close to the originals as possible.

When building new or remodeling and you want your furniture or cabinets to look as if they belong to a differnt era, antique English is what will work for you.

We have more than 40 pulls to choose from, check out all of the styles in stock.

*Bright Polished Nickel and Chrome Pulls Nostalgic 50's and Contemporary Styles

Modern Chrome pull Retro Chrome Pull  Chrome Retro Cup Pull
Retro cabinet pulls to modern chrome pulls come in all shapes and sizes.

When taking your kitchen back in time to the fifties, you'll find just the right pulls here to make your job easier.

We have over 48 pulls for you to look at and pick the one just right for you.

Sterling Nickel - Antique Nickel - Silver - Brushed Steel - Matte Chrome-Old Silver Cabinet Pulls

Satin Nickel PullSterling Nickel Pull Brushed nickel Pull  

Over 80 pulls to pick from in this category. I know you can find what your looking for here in sterling silver pulls or nickel pulls.

Designs in
sterling silver or nickel from past ages of glamor for kitchen cabinet pulls to a more current designs for furniture and cabinets.

Antique, Satin Brushed Pewter Drawer Pulls
Over 72 attractively designed pulls in rustic, antique and contemporary, satin and brushed pewter drawer pulls.

Glorious silver grey pulls with deep black embedded markings makes these pulls very outstanding. With unique designs in 
satin and brushed pewter from the past and present, these are real beauties.

Polished & Satin Brass Finished Cabinet and Furniture Pulls

Polished Brass Pull    
You have over 100 polished brass pulls to make a selection from. Even the hardest to please person should find the brass pull they need here.

Here's your finest looking, always attention getting, kitchen cabinet hardware pulls that can be found. Gathering  praise from anyone that has seen them.

Antique Copper Pulls in Artistic, Modern, Contemporary, and Rustic Styles

Antique Copper Cup Pull    
Almost 60 antique copper pulls in designs that are sure to please the most impassioned person.

For a warm look in your kitchen cabinets, whether modern or the rustic, cabinet doors and drawers, antique copper will give you what you are looking for.

Look today and order from our stock of gorgeous copper pulls.

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Solid Color Metal Pulls - Black, Green, Cranberry, Blue, White

Brighten your projects with colored metal pulls that have great looks and long lasting durability.

Cabinet pulls with the strength of metal and the beauty of colorful paint. These painted heavy metal pulls will find a home
in many of your projects and look absolutely wonderful.

The powder coating is in itself a wonderfully hard finish, offering years of service without visible wear.

These would be good weather resistant pulls for doors or drawers.

Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet Pulls and Commercial Pulls

Aluminum kitchen cabinet door pulls and drawer pulls have that great look and the durabilty for commercial use.

You have 35 styles of
Aluminum pulls to choose from to make your project great.

Two-Tone Drawer Pulls

Brass and Nickel Drawer and Cabinet Pull    
These two tone drawer and cabinet pulls have collective beauty from the match of differing material.
The combination makes for unexpected and quality look.

Brushed Sterling Silver and Satin Silver Pulls

Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes of Sterling Silver pulls.

Cup Pulls and Bin Pulls

Antique Bronze Cup Pull   
Many sizes and many finishes for the hard to please customer.
48 different cup pulls to pick from will help you find the very one that your project needs.

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Antique Glass Drawer Pulls - Designer Glass Drawer Pulls

Retro Antique Glass PullModern Glass Pull
Retro your kitchen or bring it to the 21st century with Glass Pulls.

Antique Glass Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

   Antique glass pulls will take you back to grandmas day when the kitchen was one of the main focal points of the home.
Glass pulls was a great way to add beauty and function to a place that grandma spent so much time in.

Betsy Fields Designer Glass Pulls

Designer Betsy Field has a large assortment of color glass pulls in different patterns. Put some color and beauty in your project
with these outstanding pulls.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Pulls - Stainless Steel Drawer Handles

Stainless Steel has come a long way to become one of the design statement in decorating. Follow through from appliances to your Kichen Cabinets Pulls.

Antique Restoration Cabinet Hardware Pulls in Solid Brass

Restoration Brass Bail Pull 
Elegant Rich Solid Brass Restoration Hardware for Desks and Cabinet Drawer Pulls and Furniture Pulls in Eastlake, Victorian, and Sheraton Designs.
Bring back the look of antique furniture with the restoration hardware found on theses pages. Over 40 pulls to choose from to make your restoration a success.

Cabinet Pulls w/ Ceramic, Acrylic, and Wood Inserts

Metal and Ceramic Pull   Ceramic and Metal Pull
Find the joy and beauty of ceramic and metal pulls. Attractive designs and durabilty found with metal pulls will enhance the look of your kitchen.
You will have over 100 pulls to choose just the one that is right for you.

Solid Brass Cabinet Pulls - Antique & Modern

Solid brass has many hues but always looks regal and ritzy.  Add a classy look to your project today.
Choose from over 36 different  style pulls.

Ceramic Knobs and Pulls - Matching Sets

Matching ceramic pulls and knobs will enhance your cabinets or furniture.

Non Standard Center-to-Center Drawer & Door Pulls - 1" thru 6"

Cabinet and furniture center to centers odd dimensions? Find exactly what you need here in many shapes and sizes.

Wire Pulls in Many Styles

Wire pulls to meet your needs.

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Beautiful Colors & Crystal Acrylic Cabinet Pulls

Water Colours Collection Amber & Satin Nickel Pull Gloss Black and Crystal Lucite
Six different colors to match your decor and clear too.

Solid Wood Drawer Pulls Finished & Unfinished

Seven different types of wood pulls with many pulls in each style.

Satin Nickel Steel Bar Pulls & Knobs
These match many of our stainless steel pulls and knobs.

Plastic Kitchen Cabinet Pulls - Metal and Plastic Combos

Colorful and delightfull styling make these appropriate for many situations.

Cup Pulls and Bin Pulls

Cup Pull - Satin Nickel Victorian Era Historic Reproduction Solid Brass Bin Pull 
Cup and bin pulls add to that look of the past. With 48 different styles to pick from, it should make your project just what you want.

Giant Cabinet Pulls - Colossus

12" pulls and beyond, Twenty-four (24) pulls are here for you to select from.

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Cabinet Hinges - Kitchen Cabinet Hinges
and Furniture Hinges

This section has a complete cabinet hinge section with just about every type of cabinet hinge you could use. Explore the many types of hinges in this section and select the type that is best for your cabinet or furiture project.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges - Butt, Non-Mortise, & Surface Mount

There are five different hinge classifications in this section and one hundred eleven hinge to choose from.
Below is a the classification.

Butt Hinges - Drop Leaf Hinges

In this section you have 49 hinges to pick from.

Surface Mount Hinges - H Hinges

Surface mount hinges can be a time saver if the application is right for your project.

Non-Mortise Butt Hinges

 Butt Hinge 
Non-mortise hinge can be a time saver if the application is right for your project.

Decorative & Wrap Around Butt Hinges


Decorative & Wrap Around Butt Hinges in many finishes and styles.

*Residential & Commercial Door Hinges
Satin Brass, Brass Plated, Venetian Bronze, Back, White, Antique Brass and Antique Pewter door hinges. A whole range of door hinges just for you.

Kitchen Cabinet Semi-Concealed Hinges - Inset , Overlay, Wraparound, Self-Closing, & Free-Swinging

Inset/offset, Overelay, Wrap around, Satin Nickel, Antique Brass, White, Antique Copper, Solid Brass, Flat Black, Free Swing Hinges and Matt Chrome Hinges. Hinges - hinges - hinges - and more hinges

European Cabinet Hinges - Concealed Hinges

European Cabinet Hinges - Concealed Cabinet Hinges - Frameless and Face Frame

*Specialty Hinges - Barrel Hinges - Glass Door Hinges - Knife Hinges - Quadrant Hinges
Over 40 specialty hinges to choose from for your unique project.

Matching Designer Kitchen Knobs & Pulls - Designer Kitchen Themes

You have 10 different finishes to choose from.

Kitchen and Bathroom Themes - Matching Designer Kitchen Knob and Pull Sets from Liberty Hardware, Knob Hill, Betsy Fields, Amerock, Laury, D. Lawless, and Others.

You'll find all of the standard finishes here: Oil Rubbed Bronze, Pewter, Satin Nickel, Antique Brass Stainless Steel, Copper, Flat black and more kitchen cabinet harware.

Kitchen & Bath Hardware Themes - Mission, Sports, Kids, Rustic, Wildlife, Chrome, Giant

This is quite a varied section, you need to visit it to pick from the hundred or so knobs and pulls presented here in all of the different finishes.

Below are just a very few of what we offer in this section.

Wood Appliques - Wood Carvings & Wood Parts In Birch & Oak - Wood Trim

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The uses of wood appliques are almost endless. So many ways to make a project yours and unique looking that you'll find it hard to choose which one you want to use.

Drawer Slides - Undermount, Side, Bottom, & Center Mount Drawer Slides

  • Center Bottom Mount Drawer Slides
  • Side Mount Pairs Drawer Slides
  • Under Mount Drawer Slides
  • Ball Bearing Pairs Drawer Slides
  • Full Extension Pairs Drawer Slides

*Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

*Ceramic w/ Chrome Switch Plates
    The switch plates come in single, double and even triple along with the single and double plug-in plates.
Ceramic with chrome plates are an attractive addition to any project, whether it is a remodel or new construction.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Switch Plates & Outlet Covers

The new classic finish is Oil Rubbed Bronze for switch and plug-in plates.
 The switch plates come in single, double and even triple along with the single and single switch with plug-in.

Unfinished Wood Wall Plates

Wooden Switch Plates and Outlet Covers ready for what ever finish you desire.

Each category features both switch and outlet covers of various configurations and finishes, including GFCI covers.
Over 90 individual plates to pick from.

Coat Hooks, Cup Hooks, Utility Hooks - Picture Frame Hangers

Coat and hat and robe hooks from antique to modern and the classic. Just pick your style of
coat and hat and robe hooks.
Also in this section you will find Picture hanging supplies - hooks - wire - hangers. Then we have our cup hooks in sizes that are small to really large.
The choices are yours, order some today!

Backplates - Knob & Pull Combos

Combos - Pulls and Knobs with Backplates - Backplates For Knobs and Pulls.

*Escutcheon Plates - Keys - Keyholes - Cam Locks - Trunk Locks - Jewelry Box Parts
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From fancy to plain keyholes and locks for cabinets and trunks are here.

Pie Safe Tins - For Pie Safes & Cabinets - Copper, Silver, & Pewter

Pie Safe Tins punched in decorative styles. Nostalgic punched metal pie safe tins. The hard-to-find patterns that were used on grandma's pie safe.

*Hoosier & Ice Box Hardware - Solid Brass Hinges, Catches, Latches, White Clad Signs
Hoosier Brass Hardware & Brass Ice Box Hardware - Latches, Hinges, White Clad Signs

Supports: Shelf Supports, Lid Supports, Railing, Swivels, Clips, Corner Braces

Shelf Supports - Glass Retaining Clips - Corner Braces. Cabinet shelf supports, friction lid supports, along with TV swivel supports.
Glass retainer clips used to hold glass, mirror, or wood panels in cabinets or furniture. A large variety of corner brackets in several sizes.

*Shelf Supports
Shelf Supports in varying shapes and finishes just right for your needs.

*Corner Braces - Corner Brackets - Mending Plates
Corner Braces - Corner Brackets - Mending Plates in several sizes and finishes.

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Shelf & Closet Rod Supports


Glass Retaining Clips - Lid Supports - Drop Front Hinges - Swivels - Brackets - Mounting Plates

Some hard to find items here.

Catches & Latches: Furniture & Cabinet Door

Four main catagories in this section- magnetic catches - Roller Catches - Bullet Catches -and
Latches, Barrel Bolts,
Hasps, Door Bolts, Hook and Eyes. Need to keep it shut - We can do that!

Furniture Glides, Caster Wheels, Furniture Legs

Elegant and Standard furniture and Table Legs for your Projects.

Furniture Glides - Floor Glides - Insert Nuts           Caster Wheels

Threaded Inserts - Furniture Glides - Floor Glides                                  Rubber Casters - Metal Casters - Locking Casters - Plastic Casters

Canister Lights - Touch Controls - Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet Tube Lighting and Can Lighting.  Tube and Can Lights. Cabinet Dimmer Lighting and Touch Controls.

Door Hinges & Knobs - Sash Locks - Kick Plates - Door Stops & Knockers - Mail Boxes - Bolts

Door Knobs, Bifold Knobs, and Cabinet Knobs - Matching Sets Coordinate your Whole Bedroom or Bathroom with Matching Sets!

Door Knob Collections from Gainsborough & Amerock

Door Knobs, Bifold Knobs, and Cabinet Knobs

Door Stops - Rigid and Flexible

Door Stops - Rigid and Flexible

Door & Window Accessories - Knockers - Locks
Door & Window Accessories - Knockers & Locks

Screen & Storm Door Parts & Accessories

Space Savers

Make your Cabinets more convenient with this space savers.

Glass Door Hardware - Entertainment Center Hardware

Entertainment Center Hardware, Glass Door Pulls and Strikes Glass Door Hinges and Glass Door Magnetic Catches

Screws - Flat, Truss, Oval, Pan Head Screws & More

Wood Screws & Drywall Screws In Various Finishes and Configurations plus a Screwology Lesson

Coca Cola & John Deere Collectibles - Unusual Gifts


John Deere Collectibles Tins - Signs - Cast Iron Tractors - Marbles  Over 84 Different Items
Coke Memorabilia for the serious Coke Collector Coke Tins And Posters also Restaurant Table Settings. Over 60 Different Items

Tin Signs - 50's Advertising Tins 

Tin Signs - Wall Decor - Shadow Boxes - Pictures        45 Items To Choose From
50's Advertising Tins   There going Fast! Get your while you can!

Glass Mason Jars - Salt & Pepper Shakers - Tableware


Hoosier Cabinet Jars & Old Fashion Kitchen Accessories Depression Glass

*Fiestaware Pitchers

The Homer Laughlin China Company

*Vintage Tin & Cast Iron Toys


Vintage Toys and Other Fun Stuff

Marbles -Trinket Boxes - Misc.

Gift Ideas  

Novelty License Plates


Thomas Kinkade, Bradford Collections, Precious Moments, Hamilton

For a keepsake or a gift, consider this small gathering of works by Thomas Kinkade and other collectible artists.

Wood Ducks - Wooden Ducks


An Attractive Flock of Wood Ducks to bring to your Home.

Christmas Decorations - The Bradford Editions, Precious Moments, Bessie Pease Gutmann


Tea Sets


Cast Iron Banks, Hooks, & Door Stops

Cast Iron from the Age of Simplicity

*Cowboy Corner - Western Cast Iron
Here are some great western decorations.

Brass Plaques, Compass, & Other Brass Stuff



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