7/16" Overlay Compact Hinge With Adjustable Soft Close LQ-H16021-NP-A & H05108-NP-A

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WOW -- This barely pays for the hinge, but we have a serious overstock of these sets and have decided to make our problem into your opportunity. Upgrade your next projects at a great savings. Deluxe soft close door damper system attaches to liberty hardware 6-way adjustable compact hinge. This is an Included Easy to Add feature after hinges are already in place.

H05108-NP-A 7/16" Overlay 6-Way Compact Hinge Information: Compact Euro 7/16" Partial Overlay Face Frame Hinge with four prong base plate - One piece design makes mounting a snap. This is the economical standard euro used by commercial cabinetmakers.
6-Way Adjustable:
Height adjustment 7/64" (plus or minus 2.5mm
Depth adjustment by eccentric cam 1/64" (minus 0.5mm) 7/64"(plus 2.5mm)
Side adjustment cam 1/16" (plus or minus 1.5mm)

Your are purchasing one hinge with dowels and one soft close adapter unit

  • Depth of metal cup 11.3mm
  • Cup diameter 35mm
  • Cup centers 1-3/4"
  • Opening 106 degrees with (k) max 2.5mm
  • 7/16" overlay
  • Drill door (k) from 2.5mm
  • Self closing
  • Thickness of door(t)from 16 to 19mm(11/16" to 3/4")
  • Finish: Nickel Plated

Liberty Hardware

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