Large Caramel Wood Knob 1-7/16" OT-40-91AHHZ267Y
Large Coke Tin Ice Cold COICECLDTIN
Large Concrete Anchor with Machine Screw 1-1/4" X 20 2-Pak H-06-8147-156
Large Dark Hunter Green Wood Knob 1-1/2" OT-40-91ZWBIH704C
Large Faceted Ball Acrylic Knob - Solid Brass Base - 1-1/2" (CK60L)
Large Football Knob 1-3/8" L-PN0393-OB-C
Large Football Knob 35mm L-PN0393-BST-C
Large Football Knob 35mm L-PN0393-RAL-C
Large Football Shaped Knob - Satin Nickel (PN0393-SN-MC) L-PN0393-SN-C
Large Fusilli Football Knob 1-3/8" Brass Plated L-PN0393-PB-C
Large Fusilli Pull 128mm Brushed Satin Silver L-P83508-BST-C
Large Fusilli Pull 128mm c-c Antique Copper L-P83508-RAL-C
Large Fusilli Pull 128mm c-c Oil Rubbed Bronze L-P83508-OB-C
Large Fusilli Pull 128mm Satin Nickel L-P83508-SN-C
Large Hardwood Knob Base For The Hobbist 1-1/2" OT-40-175WBTH156C
Large Hole Punch Pull 128mm Satin Nickel L-P0279A-SN-C
Large Horse and Horseshoe Coat Hook CI52018
Large Light Wood Knob 1 1/2" OT-40-91ZWBIH370C
Large Light Tan Wood Knob 1-1/2" OT-40-91ZWBIN3479C
Large Oak Knob - Dark Finish - 1-1/2" OT-40-136ZOAIN175T
Large Off-White Hardwood Knob 1-5/8" OT-40-31AZWB141C
Large Oil Rubbed Bronze Flat Top Knob 1-1/8" L-P84061-OB-C
Large Oversized Clear Glass Knob - 1 3/4"
Large Pair 5" X 5" Carved Medallions
Large Phrenology Head - Porcelain 13" Tall POR-CA453
Large Pumpkin Knob 1-3/8" Brass Plated L-PN0624-PB-C
Large Pumpkin Knob 1-1/4" - Chrome LQ-PN0624T-CHR-C
Large Pumpkin Knob 35mm Oil Rubbed Bronze L-PN0624-OB-C
Large Reddish Brown Wood Knob 1-1/2" OT-40-91WBPH661C
Large Ring Pull - Matte Antique Brass 1-7/8" DL-P3032-DAB
Large Ring Pull 2-1/4" Long - Antique Brass DL-P3244-VAB
Large Scroll Wood Applique - Birch w/ Cameo - 16" X 3-3/4" G10-B263
Large Splash Birch Wood Applique - 16-1/2" X 3-3/8" G10-B67
Large Stone Ceramic Knob - Large Stone - 1-5/8"
Large Swirl Bird Cage Flat Black Knob 41mm L-PN9012-FB-C
Large Thin Delicate Pull - 96mm - Satin Nickel (P84729)
Large Thin Pull 96mm Antique Copper L-P84729-RAL-C
Large Unfinished Birch Knob - 1-1/2" DP-2316B
Large White Ceramic Knob - 2" K35-P256-2WT
Large White Ceramic Knob, With Gold Ring 1-3/8" Dia. LQ-P59011C-W-C
Large Wood Cabinet Knob - Unfinished Birch - 1 3/4"
Large Wood Knob With A Raised Button 1-1/2" OT-40-111ZWBPH512C
Large Worked Glass Opening Rose Bud Flower Knob DL-GK-100-24-CLCP
Latches, Barrel Bolts, Hasps, Door Bolts, Hook & Eyes, Draw & Snap Catches
Laurey - 2-1/2"C-C Cabinet Cup Pull - Polished Brass - 227025
Laurey - 3"C-C Sleek Smooth Bar Pull - Oil Rubbed Bronze - 99904
Laurey Satin Chrome Mission Bay Oval Cabinet Knob 99911
Laurey Satin Nickel Pull - 3" Centers - 99903
Laurey Teardrop Pull - Venetian Bronze - 96mm
Lavender & Satin Nickel Acrylic Faceted Knob - 1 1/4" LQ-P15573V-312-C

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