Millefiori Art Glass Knob - Ruby Red w/ Flowers
Minaret Pull in Polished Brass - 3"
Minaret Satin Nickel Pull 3" (120247) L-P50134C-SN-C
Mini Bail Pull for Small Box or Drawer 1-3/4" x 1" Antique Brass
Mini Latch - Nickel Plated w/ Screws
Mini Snap Catch in Antique Brass - 1 1/8" x 1"
Miniature Hasp & Staple in Solid Brass - 5/8" x 1 7/8"
Miscellaneous Hooks
Miscellaneous Wall Plates
Mission Black 4-1/2" Textured Vertical Backplate And Small Drop Ring L-PN0045-PN0745-MIB-A
Mission Collection 3 Finishes 20 Items
Mission Soft Iron Double Decorator Wall Plate W32748-SI-U662671
Mission Soft Iron Double Toggle Wall Plate - W32744-SI-U662669
Mission Soft Iron Single Duplex Wall Plate - W32742-SI-U662666
Mission Soft Iron Single Toggle Wall Plate - W32741-SI-U662667
Mission Style - Handmade, Spanish, Rustic, Hammered & Twisted Wire
Mission Style 1-1/4" Square Sandalwood Knob AM-PK824-MA8
Mission Style Antique Brass Cabinet Pull cc 64mm L-62764AB
Mission Style Antique Brass Cabinet Pull cc 96mm L-62796AB
Mission Style Antique Brass Knob 1 1/4" Diameter L-62933AB
Mission Style Antique Pewter Cabinet Pull cc 64mm L-62764AP
Mission Style Antique Pewter Knob 1 1/4" Diameter L-62933AP
Mission Style Antique Pewter Pull cc 96mm L-62796AP
Mission Style Flat Black Cabinet Pull cc 64mm L-62764BK
Mission Style Flat Black Cabinet Pull cc 96mm L-62796BK
Mission Style Flat Black Knob 1 1/4" Diameter L-62933BK
Mission Style Oak Wood Knob - 1 1/4" LQ-PN0648-143-A
Mission Style Square Pine Finished Wood Knob 1-1/4" L-PN0648-144-A
Mission Style Square Wood Knob 1-1/4" Natural Finish LQ-PN0648-134-A
Mission Style Wood Knob 1-1/4" Square OT-40-145FMAIN358T
Mixed Bag 24 - #5 X 5/8" and 36 - #4 X 1/2" Flat Head Antique Brass Screws Bag of 60
Mixer Lift Kit - Appliance Lift Kit LQ-D66921-W-A1
Modern Cable Collection 10 Items 2 finishes
Modern Chrome Four-Place Hook Set 16" LQ-RTTR49V-CHR-L1
Modern Collection
Modern Edge
Modern Edge 192mm Aluminum Cabinet Pull L-P31676-AL-C
Modern Edge 192mm Flat Black Pull L-P31676-FB-C
Modern Edge 224mm Polished Chrome Cabinet Pull L-P31677-PC-C
Modern Edge 224mm Satin Nickel L-P31677-SN-C
Modern Edge 256mm Polished Chrome L-P31678-PC-C
Modern Edge 256mm Satin Nickel Cabinet Pull L-P31678-SN-C
Modern Edge 288mm Polished Chrome Cabinet Pull L-P31679-PC-C
Modern Edge 288mm Pull L-P31679-SN-C
Modern Edge 3 in. Satin Nickel L-P30778C-SN-C
Modern Edge 96mm Polished Chrome L-P31673-PC-C
Modern Edge Aluminum Cabinet Pull L-P31675-AL-C
Modern Mid-Century Chrome Flying Saucer Knob 1-7/16" LQ-PBF253-PC-C
Modern Mid-Century Style Bow Pull - Polished Chrome - 96mm LQ-P0256B-PC-C
Modern Pull - Polished Nickel - 96mm

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