(As-Is) Knob Base for Glass Cabochon - 29.75mm Inside Satin Brass P3686-1BASE-SB

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ATTN: We have discovered minor manufacturing flaws in these bases. Some are perfect, others have very minor flaws, sill others have a significant flaw to finish or shape. They are being sold As-Is until we get quality control and a new stock. These are still suitable for hobby knobs, probably not for resale unless you want to pick out the perfect ones.

This Satin Brass base for making your own knobs is an exclusive product from D. Lawless Hardware. Perfect for making your own customized cabinet knobs.

The knob is 34mm in diameter X 22mm tall, and has a bored recess of 29.75mm.

Base diameter is 15.875mm(5/8")

It is made to fit perfectly with the glass cabochon DL-P3686-34-CLGS listed right beside it in the knob base section. The cabochons will fit just right in this base because they were made for each other! For a quick look at how easy it is to customize your own knobs please see our post on making cabinet knobs at the DLH blog. Comes with a #8-32 x 1"knob screw for mounting. D. Lawless Hardware

All links open in a new tab. The wonderful dresser with matching custom cabinet knobs comes to us from Coeur Elephant!

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