Mixer Lift Kit - Appliance Lift Kit LQ-D66921-W-A1

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Appliance Lift or Mixer Lift Hardware Kit Save Space and keep that mixer handy.

The Lawless family installed one of these when we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago. We would never build a kitchen without one. Before, it was either keep that monster mixer on the counter in the way all the time, or have it put away where it was too much trouble to get out and use. This is sooo handy and works like a charm.

Put a mixer lift in your kitchen at this great low low price. You will need a minimum of 24" from the floor of the cabinet to the top of the opening in which this is installed. The width if the wood platform shelf (furnished by you) can vary to fit the width of your cabinet from 12" to 24". The depth of your cabinet(from front to back )should be at least 12". Installation requires a pretty decent skill set. I personally suggest professional installation. This mixer lift kit features heavy duty springs and a positive lock at the top of the travel with dual hand release.

Contains Lifting Mechanism ONLY. Not Consumer packed no instructions and no screws. Shelf and Mixer Not Included. You will need two different sizes of screws to install this mixer. See Technical Information for proper screws and installation instructions Liberty Hardware product KraftMaid cabinet division.

• Concealed design allows small kitchen appliances to be stored away when not in use.
• Base supports up to 25lbs., maximum 16" appliance height, minimum cabinet height inside 24".

PLEASE NOTE: 12" is the absolute minimum depth for the cabinet into which these swing-out mechanisms will install. This is not a practical depth for most mixers. Obviously, if your mixer is over 12" long it would not fit anyway. This 12" minimum is mentioned because you might want to use this mechanism for another purpose like a pop-up work surface or to mount a light weight tool of some sort to swing out of the way under workshop shelf or something. This depth of cabinet would only allow the use of a platform about 11" deep.
Mixer Lift Installation:
How To Install Mixer Lift for the .PDF file (674KB). Large file please be patient. Use this screw, 5 X 5/8 Pan Head Screw, to attach the mixer lift to the mixer platform (provided by you). Use this screw, 10 X 3/4 Pan Head Screw, to attach the mixer lift to the kitchen cabinet (also provided by you). If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed, you can download it for free at www.adobe.com

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