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Gifts Knobs
Pulls Liberty Hardware
Back Plates Keys Keyholes Trunk
Wood Appliques Pie Safe Tins
All kinds of Screws Hoosier
Miscellaneous Items Close Outs
Bent Glass Hinges
Coat and Cup Hooks Drawer Slides
Supports: Shelf, Lid, Etc. Catches: All Types
Castors & Glides Cabinet Lights & Switches
Door Stops Space Savers
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Beautiful knobs and pulls for kitchen cabinets and furniture.

Gifts - Kincade - Precious Moments - Bradford Exchange Collections and More!
Coca-Cola Tins - Cast Iron Banks n' Doorstops - John Deere Collectibles - Hand Carved Ducks

Gifts Section Click Here! or To Top of Page

Most of the items in our Gift section are unusual and hard-to-find. We make a genuine effort to offer a selection of unique giftware at excellent prices.

You can buy these on almost any budget. No deep pockets needed here.

Our Gifts department is divided into the following areas of interest.

Hard-to-find items like handmade Smith Glass, at reasonable prices.
Click Here!

Collectibles at half priceThomas Kinkade, Precious Moments, Bradford Collections.
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Tempting Coke items of all kinds. Coca Cola Advertising Tins, trays, posters and restaurant supplies.
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Gift Certificates are great way to treat a friend It's hard to go wrong when they can choose for themselves. Click Here!

Cast Iron - Authentic antique reproductions. Banks, doorstops, and more. Impressively designed to appear authentically old.
Click Here!

John Deere Collectibles Tins - Signs - Cast Iron Tractors. Signs with tractors and Logo histories depicted.
Click Here!

Brass Things are always fun and in style. We have plaques, flag holders,and other what-zits, in solid brass. Start an heirloom tradition by giving a gift that will last many lifetimes. Click Here!

Ducks of all kinds. hand carving makes each duck unique. Muted natural coloration and familiar ducky poses make these ducks a fit for any room.
Click Here!

That is all for our gift section New items are added regularly, so check back often.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs - Glass Knobs - Ceramic and Porcelain - Solid Brass - Brass Plated
Satin Nickel - Antique Copper Knobs - Antique Brass and Bronze - Pewter - Black - Satin Silver

Knobs for Doors and Drawers Click Here! or To The Top of Page

Kitchen cabinet knobs or furniture knobs.

We carry all the popular styles from antique reproduction to ultra modern and some that are simply bizarre. You'll fall in love with many of them, wishing you had more places to use them.

Below are the different sections that make up this large collection of knobs.

Glass Knobs
Authentically Reproduced Antique Glass Knobs are the rage in modern kitchens as well as restoration kitchens. We have the greatest selection of colors you will find anywhere--many you'll only find here.
Click Here!

Ceramic & Porcelain Knobs for any setting or occasion. Click Here! for the main page. Or you can pick from the following sections:

Earth Tones (Ceramic & Porcelain) Here you'll find the subtle warmth and ambiance of Terra cotta and stoneware. Go natural.
Click Here!

Solid color knobs (Ceramic & Porcelain) Sounds like plain old knobs, but these attractive knobs will look fantastic wherever applied. Click Here!

Fruits - Flowers - Designs (Ceramic & Porcelain) For themes or attractive designs you will not go wrong here. Mix and match these knobs.
Click Here!

Matching sets (Ceramic & Porcelain)Colorful - stylish - and natural looking knobs and pulls that are guaranteed to match.
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Cast Metal Knobs So many styles, shapes, and colors that we have more categories than I care to count. Click Here! To go to our main page or see the following sections for all the categories.

Brass plated knobs. Many brass knob designs to choose from. Even the most distinguishing buyer will find one here.
Click Here!

Satin Nickel in all of its glory.(assuming a finish can have glory) One of the glorious things about satin nickel is that it matches stainless steel and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
Click Here!

Antique Copper Antique Copper knobs for cabinets and furniture. A beautiful way to finish a project with a warm glow. Click Here!

Chrome Knobs Polished or brushed these chrome knobs will brighten cabinets or furniture. 50's style is THE style.
Click Here!

Decorator painted knobs Painted knobs in decorator colors help pull that color scheme together.
Click Here!

Antique Brass and BronzeThese traditional finishes are always in style.Click Here!

Pewter knobs in antique and brushed. Pewter knobs are something special. There is an intangible richness inherent in the feel of real pewter. Makes me think of Paul Revere each time I pick one up.
Click Here!

Aluminum knobs have a unique sheen and feel.
Click Here!

Bronze and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Bronze knobs for lasting beauty and style. Click Here!

Black is Beautiful Knobs. All kinds of black: satin, flat, black chrome and hammered black.
Click Here!

Antique English knobs. Antique English imparts a very mellow and well worn comfortable brass tone to any decor. Sherlock Holmes would be right at home.
Click Here!

Satin Silver Knobs. The luxurious look and feel of satin silver knobs is unequaled. The brushed satin silver ain't bad either. Click Here!

Two-Tone Knobs in silver and brass or black chrome and brass are truly outstanding. So, stand out!
Click Here!

As you may have noticedour collection of cast knobs is great. But continue on, if you are brave, to find other styles of knobs.

Solid Brass Cabinet Knobs will last your life time.(and a few others) Heavy solid cast brass is unsurpassed in beauty and durability. Click Here!

Cast Metal with Ceramic Beautiful combinations of cast metal in many finishes inset with ceramic.
Click Here!

Wood knobs Turned wood knobs, unfinished or finished, in many styles.
Click Here!

Plastic and Acrylic knobs Modern materials for modern times. Newest plastics; Crystal acrylics.Click Here!

Crystal and Tinted Acrylic Beautiful and elegant knobs that look like glass.
Click Here!

Stainless Steel and Solid aluminum Knobs of classic beauty for the modern kitchen.
Click Here!

Pulls For Doors And Drawers - Glass Pulls - Solid Brass Reproduction Pulls - Ceramic - Wood Pulls
Modern Design Solid Brass - Chrome - Satin Nickel - Copper Pulls - Aluminum - Bronze And MORE!

Ppulls for Doors and Drawers Click Here! or To Top of Page

Pull over here for pulls. You name 'em we got 'em.

Many styles, many materials, and many finishes. We carry all the popular styles from antique reproduction to ultra modern and some that are simply bizarre. You'll fall in love with many of them, wishing you had more places to use them.

Below are the sections that make up this large collection of pulls.

Glass pulls
Reproduction Antique Glass Pulls. Glass Pulls are the rage in modern kitchens as well as restoration kitchens. We have the greatest selection of colors you will find anywhere--many you'll only find here.
Click Here!

Solid Brass Antique Restoration
Antique style pulls in stamped brass and cast brass. Great for restoration and creating that authentic look. Click Here!

Pull Designs in Solid Brass
Pulls and handles in solid brass, from classic to modern. You will find the one you need.
Click Here!

Brass and Ceramic Pulls
A beautiful combination of brass and ceramic.Click Here!

Wood Pulls Solid wood and brass and wood combinations. Used on many cabinet and furniture projects. Restoration of desks and other types of furniture.
Click Here!

Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Pulls
Pulls and Handles in Popular Finishes. Check out all of the following sections for your special needs.
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To go to our main page.

Brass Plated Cabinet and Furniture Pulls
Styles and colors that are always popular. You can't go wrong here.Click Here!

Satin Nickel Matte Chrome Pulls
Modern finishes that work with stainless steel look great in any kitchen or on furniture.
Click Here!

Antique Copper Pulls They come in Artistic, Modern, Contemporary and Rustic Styles.
Click Here!

Chrome Pulls
Brightly polished nostalgic W's and contemporary styled pulls. Excellent for restoration or that kitchen redo.
Click Here!

Antique Brass & Antique Bronze
Pulls in Contemporary, Modern, and Antique Styling.
Click Here!

Antique and Satin Brushed Pewter Pulls in designer and traditional & artistic styles. These beauties will brighten any project you have.
Click Here!

Aluminum for Kitchens and Commercial
Pulls that will make your kitchen tops; many designed for the commercial kitchen.Click Here!

Bronze Pulls, Oil Rubbed Bronze , Traditional Bronze pulls in multiple styles.
Click Here!

Antique English and Lancaster English pulls in many styles. A mellow used brass appearance for that traditional English decor.
Click Here!

Black is Beautiful Pulls
Black pulls for lasting and formal beauty. Click Here!

Non Standard Center-to-Center Drawer and Door Pulls with unusual center to center dimensions.
Click Here!

Next is matching knob & pull collections.
If your scrollbar is up to it, move on to the next section.

Liberty Hardware Contemporary And Modern Knobs & Pulls - Satin Nickel - Betsy Field
Brushed Stainless Steel - Painted - Matte Chrome - Aluminum - Pewter - Oil Rubbed Bronze

LLiberty Hardware Designer Themes Click Here! or To The Top of Page

Beautiful Designer Knobs and Pulls for kitchen cabinets and furniture.

Many styles,many materials, and even more finishes. Contemporary, Modern and Traditional knobs and pulls in Satin Nickel and Stainless Steel, painted finishes and solid Pewter, Aluminum and more await you below.

Check these out.

Contemporary And Modern
knobs and pulls in pewter, ceramic and brass.
Click Here!

Satin Nickel and Stainless Steel
knobs and pulls in designs that will make you happy.(if knobs affect you this way, of course) Click Here!

Amerock Painted knobs and pulls
with lifetime finishes guaranteed by the manufacturer. What more could you want?
Click Here!

Liberty Traditional
Kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls in all of your favorite finishes.Click Here!

Michigan Ave. Satin Nickel and Matte Chrome knobs and pulls in wonderful styles.
Click Here!

Brushed Stainless Bar Pulls
and knobs. For the super kitchen these are the pulls for you.
Click Here!
To go to our main page.

More Stainless steel
in styles that are popular. You can't go wrong here.Click Here!

Aluminum Knobs and Pulls
Modern look, great in any kitchen or on furniture.
Click Here!

Pewter Knobs and Pulls
Antique pewter has that special look that will make your project the greatest.
Click Here!

Traditional knobs and pulls
Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Bail Pulls in Antique Brass.
Click Here!

Classic Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls presented in a variety of finishes. You know one is just right for you. Look in the following categories to meet your needs.
Click Here!

Classic Brass plated Polished brass kitchen cabinet knobs or pulls will brighten your project.
Click Here!

Lustrous brushed satin silver
Pulls and knobs that are truly fantastic.Click Here!

Burnished Satin Nickel kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls for an elegant look.
Click Here!

Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze for a unique antique ambiance, try these with your special projects.
Click Here!

Beautiful Antique Copper
these knobs and pulls present the classic warmth you want. Click Here!

Solid Brass Beauty that will be undimmed by time.
Click Here!

Designer Series The Betsy Fields Design collection alone makes this a page you'll want to see. You may find all of your knob and pull needs here.
Click Here!

Designer Trends Beautifully designed knobs and pulls in many different finishes.Click Here! Or continue your trek below.

Special bright brass plated knobs and pulls. A large mixture of shapes and sizes.
Click Here!

Lustrous brushed satin silver An elegant statement wherever they are used.Click Here!

Luminous Satin Nickel knobs and pulls. What can I say; I'm speechless.Click Here!

Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze Some of the most attractive knobs you will find.
Click Here!

Antique Copper Permanent beauty in a wonderfully warm tone.
Click Here!

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls of unique styling
Click Here!
The next 8 section are beautiful contemporary styling in different finishes.

Radiant Pearl Nickel. See the beautiful luster quality of theses Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls
Click Here!

Brass Plated Contemporary special bright brass plated knobs and pulls.
Click Here!

Satin Nickel
Satin Nickel Knobs and Pulls that will put that extra bit brilliance in your kitchen.Click Here!

Lustrous brushed satin silver These knobs and pulls are always an elegant statement.
Click Here!

Oil Rubbed Bronze & Brushed Bronze For the special look on your Kitchen Cabinet or Furniture.
Click Here!

Antique Copper Permanent beauty in special knobs and pulls.Click Here!

Matte Chrome They sure look a lot like the stainless Steel Knobs and Pulls to me.
Click Here!

Rich Flat Black Knobs and Pulls are definitely black
Click Here!

Back Plates Dress-Up a simple knob or pull for the Prom.

Bbackplates for knobs and pulls
Click Here! or To Top of Page

Beautiful backplates and combinations of back plates and matching knobs and pulls.

Many styles,materials,and finishes. Please proceed with caution as backplates are addictive.

Backplates follow:(they do not lead).

Back plates
to enhance your projects. These can be used on kitchen cabinets or furniture.
Click Here!

Knobs and pulls with back plates are great for covering old holes in your furniture when upgrading. Click Here!

Check back Later
We add new items all the time.

Beautiful Keyholes In Solid Brass - Key Plates - Keys
Cabinet Locks and More - Trunk Hardware Parts

Kkeyholes, keys, locks and trunk hardware. Click Here!
or To The Top of Page

Keyhole covers beautiful and unusual. Locks for those keyholes just rightly follow. To round out this section we have some trunk hardware.

Very attractive styles and types. All will enhance your projects.

Next are the selections that make up this section.

We have keyholes large and small.
Click Here!

Locks in brass and steel
These locks come in several package combinations.
Click Here!

Trunk hardware
Just a few parts that may be hard for you to find. We haven't found many.
Click Here!

Wood Appliqués really define a project.
Many Sizes And Styles To Choose From - Great For Restoration Projects

Wood appliqués (also called Gingerbreads) are time saving ways to dress-up your furniture or cabinet projects.

Gluing or nailing a wood appliqué to your project makes a world of difference in the perception of its quality and makes a more attractive presentation.
To Top of Page

Solid Wood Appliqués
in numerous designs to suit your style.Buttons, splashes, wheat stalks, flowers and more. For restoration or just to make your project unique, you will find it here!
Click Here!

Wood things -
milk bottles, balls, buttons, spindles and more.

Great for furniture projects or crafty ideas. Click Here!

Design Ideas
abound in these two categories.

Who said you couldn't design and build a thing of beauty?

Pie Safe Punched Tins - A Large Range Of Colors And Styles
Silver Tins - Copper Tins - Hammer Toned Tins and Tins with washable finishes

Pie safe tins, hard-to-find punched patterns that were used on grandma's pie safe.

They're all here, Silvered tins, Copper finished and hammered pie tins, get them today!

Click Here! or To The Top of Page

Screws For Knobs And Pulls and other screwy things.
Wire Nails - Phillips Head - Square Head - And MORE!

Screws, select the appropriate one for your project.

We have 8-32 screws in different lengths for your knobs and pulls.

We also have "Phillips","square drive","slotted",and "truss head" screws to fit your varying needs.

Click Here! or To The Top of Page

Restoration Solid Brass Hoosier Cabinet Hinges PLUS
Solid Brass Ice Box Hinges And Latches And White Clad Signs

Hoosier solid brass parts and Solid Brass Ice Box hinges and latches and White Clad Signs parts are excellent for new or restoration projects.

Click Here! or To Top of Page

Miscellaneous Items that we cannot quite categorize:
Never-Dull - Wood Filler - Power Screw Driver Bits - Cast Iron Wheels AND MORE!

These are items that don't fit in our regular categories.
Some interesting finds and hard to locate items are found here!

Click Here! or To The Top of Page

Close Out Bargains - Knobs - Pulls - Switch Plates - 7" Commode

Items that have been discontinued, have small flaws, or that we have way too many of.

Take advantage of us--our loss is your opportunity.

For great savings Click Here! or To Top of Page

China Cabinet Bent Glass Manufacturer

Bent Glass
Or curved glass if you like, is used in many ways, but most commonly in china cabinets.
Our Tru-Vex Glass division is ready to make one piece or a thousand for you. We do antique replacement or new production.

Buy from the factory and save. Click Here! or To Top of Page

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges - Non Mortise Hinges - Butt Hinges
- Euro Hinges - AND MORE!

Hinges of all kinds.
Pick one of the following sections for your needs.
Click Here! or To Top of Page

Butt and Non-Mortise Hinges
are right here. Butt yes, we have what you need.
Click Here!

hinges come in many styles and functions to suit your requirements. Matching Finishes for knobs and pulls.
Click Here!

for your kitchen cabinet hinges start here.

hinges follow: Hinges that go where no other hinges have gone before. They do the job no other hinge can do.
Click Here!

hinges come in many configurations. Actually, these specialized hinges come in so many configurations that they are frightening.
Click Here!

the hinge that will work for your cabinet is sometimes a chore, but we will help you find your way.

Beautiful Coat Hooks - Antique Coat Hooks - Modern Coat Hooks
Coat Hooks with Ceramic Knobs and without - Solid Brass And Brass Plated

Coat hooks
or coat hangers along with cup hooks of various sizes.

You'll find our selection of coat hooks to be pretty extensive and the finishes many: brass plated, solid brass, pewter, chrome, satin nickel and more.

Antique styles for restoration or stylishly modern; the choice is yours!

And all at great savings Click Here! or To The Top of Page

Drawer Slides In Many Sizes - Side Mount And Bottom Mount

Drawer slides
Many sizes and styles.

Side mount or bottom mount, make your drawers glide with ease.

For great savings Click Here! or To The Top of Page

Supports Of All Kinds - Shelf Supports - Lid Supports-Swivels - AND MORE!

Shelf supports, lid supports
TV swivel supports. Glass and mirror retainer clips.

Chair and table leg mounting hardware and more.
Click Here! or To Top of Page

A Multitude of Catches - Magnetic Catches - Roller Catches - Bullet Catches
Double catches and Friction Catches

Of all types, roller catches (single and double), magnetic catches, friction catches.

They come in all shapes and sizes.

You know one is just what you need.
Click Here! or To Top of Page

Castors and Glides For Furniture

Casters and Glides
If you want to roll across the floor you're in the right place.

If you want to slide that cabinet - our glides will be what you're after.

We even have Claw Feet holding a glass ball.
Click Here! or To Top of Page

China Cabinet Lights And Touch Switches For Cabinet Lights

Lighting for cabinets
If your looking to give your project a glow, this section is for you.

Touch lighting switches are here also.
Click Here! or To Top of Page

Door Stops Of All Kinds - Wall Mount Door Handle Bumper Pads
Solid Brass - Brass Plated - Spring Door Stops - Solid Door Stops

Door stops
will save that door and wall from bangs and bruises, and do it in style.

Check out these classy and classic door stops!
Click Here! or To Top of Page

Space Savers Making Life Easier

Space Savers
Saving room and making things more convenient.

Click Here! or To Top of Page

Entertainment Center Hardware!
For Glass Doors, Pocket doors, and Wrap-Around Doors- Pulls - Latches

Entertainment Center Hardware
Hinges, pulls and latches for glass doors on cabinets and entertainment centers.

For great savings Click Here! or To The Top of Page