"The End Of Perfect Day III" by Thomas Kinkade TK-79553

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Please note that these items are without their outer packaging.
They are encased in original styrofoam, with original certificates, entirely unopened, taped shut as if they were just pulled from the box.

A cabin sitting lake side surrounded by the forest makes such a peaceful setting for memories. Note the old wooden dock with a lampposts on its side and the row boat with oars tied up. Do you see the two canoes up by the cabin and the ducks on the lake? Such details and realism make this sculpture truly Thomas Kinkade. The light in the cabin is powered by 2 "AA" batteries (not included) making this truly a remarkably work. Limited supply makes this an order now, not later item. Each comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity" and Number. If you are a Thomas Kinkade fan, or know one, you must order TODAY! No Guarantee for supplies tomorrow.

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