Express Shipping Orders

We do express shipping!

However getting an express order out quickly involves cooperation between you and us after the order.

To create an express order, the process is as follows.

  1. Place your order online using the regular shipping options
  2. Place a comment in the comments section that you are placing an express order.
  3. Call us ASAP at 618-395-3945. If you place an after hours express order, we will call you the next business day afternoon at the number you provide. Please understand that UPS and mail goes out at 3pm. Orders after 1pm will not be mailed until the following business day NO MATTER WHAT.
  4. Once on the phone we will inform you of options, prices of options, and etc. Due to hardware having such widely varying shipping costs, we must figure the costs and invoice you via e-mail for the exact cost of shipping and allow for any adjustments (such as refunding the original $9.99 for example).
  5. Once the invoice is paid, your order will leave the facility with no further delay. Your order will not ship until the express shipping invoice is paid. This should be no problem and is one reason we make phone contact for important orders such as express.