International Customers

Welcome customers and friends from around the world!

International orders are always welcome. Our customers from countries outside the United States should take note of the following information to insure that their orders will be accepted and processed smoothly.

Due to VAT we are no longer shipping to UK-- Sorry Guys

  • ATTENTION: D. Lawless Hardware will not be responsible for any double shipping costs from issues that arise during INTL shipping. INTL shipping occasionally has issues and we WILL NOT refund shipping costs or charges if the package doesn't go through and needs resent or anything of the sort. It's rare, but if you pay $90 for shipping to wherever and it comes back to us...we WILL NOT pay $90 to ship it again. That will be on you entirely. It's not worth the risk to us for the small number of INTL orders we service. That said, we do INTL shipments weekly and the vast majority have no issue.
  • All international payments are processed by hand. And, although we know it places an undeserved burden on you who are among the good honest majority, you may be asked to furnish additional information to help us prevent fraud.
  • Payment choices are credit card, Paypal, or payment via
  • Using an American Express card will allow us to process your order more efficiently as they are able to furnish us with both card and address verification. Billing and shipping address must always match.
  • All shipments outside the US may be subject to various fees and charges from your country's Customs agency. You will be responsible for these charges, if any.
  • Please be aware that shipping charges for international orders will be quite expensive. We ship only by methods that can be tracked and insured.
  • There is a $10 handling charge for INTL shipments. It is often enough quite a bit of work to process these orders, even to the point of me personally, the owner, going up to the post office.

Canadian Ordering Process:

  1. Place your order via our online shopping cart. Canadian orders will automatically be pulled for special handling.
  2. You will see a fixed shipping rate of $30. You will not be charged this amount until adjustments and confirmations are made. This is to give an indication of how pricey shipping to Canada can be. It will be adjusted to your exact cost of shipping after we weigh the order and confirm with you the charges via e-mail or phone. Often times it's quite a bit less. Depends where you are in Canada.
  3. You will receive an e-mail from customer service to discuss shipping methods and costs. Also, if your credit card's bank in Canada does not return both card verification and address verification, or if other discrepancies arise, you will be asked to furnish other information, or to fill-out and fax our Credit Card Authorization Form to the secure fax at 618-395-3946. This form requires front and back copies of your credit card and an official photo ID.
  4. Canadian shipping orders are subject to the same $5 handling charge as other special circumstance orders.

The rest of the world process:

We ship all over the world. But unless it's going to the US or Canada it becomes a bit of a process. The rest of the world must call in their order or place it via email and we will work with you to inform you of shipping charges and address verification so that nothing can go wrong.


Click here for the Credit Card Authorization Form .pdf file.