Pie Safe Tins

Pie Safe Tins

Nostalgic punched metal pie safe tins. The hard-to-find patterns that were used on grandma's pie safe. All patterns start about 7/8" in from the side for framing. They are 10" x 14". These are not sold framed. This is only for display purposes. The material is 14 gauge metal.

We have 3 types of pie safe tins here:

1. We have plain unfinished bright shiny tins with or without punched patterns. These, like the originals will tarnish if not varnished or otherwise preserved.

2. For fuss-free tins, choose our exclusive (we make 'em) copper or bronze hammered finish tins. They have a durable, non-tarnish coating (like on lawn furniture) that you can clean with a damp cloth or dish-washing soap. Our modern twist to an old look.

Then, we offer copper and brass plated finishes where the finish is actually metal but is resistant to rusting and fingerprints.

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