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Screws & Fasteners

Here you may select the appropriate screw for your project. Some of those pesky technical descriptions are necessary: The terms "phillips", "square drive", "slotted", and "truss head", refer to the kind of driver used to turn the screw.

The shape of the screw head is described as "flat", "oval", "round", "truss", "bugle", "hammered",or "pyramid". Looking at the drawings should make these self-explanatory. Wood Screws & Drywall Screws In Various Finishes and Configurations

The general size of a screw is given a number. As the number increases, so does the size of the entire screw, both head size and shaft size--but not length.(don't blame us for all this) Therefore, a #8 screw is about twice the size of a #4 screw, but may be the same length. Wake Up!-- This is important.

Most wood screws have a common "pitch" to the treads, but some have a thread with a steeper incline. We simply call this a "fast" thread, but they are technically Type A screws.Think of this as a road going up a mountain; the steeper the road, the sooner you get to the top.

Also in reference to threads you will see "8-32". This is the common knob and pull screw thread. The"8" refers to the size (diameter) of the screw, and the "32" means it has 32 threads to the inch. Most of the screws for mounting hinges are self-tapping (they tap their own mating threads in wood) type AB (they have more threads per inch and are more effective in brittle materials like wood than Type A)

And then, there are those darned "various finishes". Watch'em and select the right one to match you project.

The most interesting screw here, if there is such a thing, is our variable length screw.
If you don't know exactly what length screw will work, order these and break them off where you need them. A unique design allows this to be done without damaging the threads.

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