1-1/2" Unglazed Pre-Fired Ceramic Knob For Painting Flatter Top

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1-1/2" Diameter Flatter Top Ceramic Knob

Unglazed Knob - Pre-Fired at 1180 Degrees Celsius Ready to Apply Your Choice of Finishes or Glazes This ready to kiln fire ceramic knob is offered in response to the many requests we have had for a knob that entrepreneurs and hobbyists can use to make custom designed knobs. These knobs are completely unglazed but fired (not greenware). Add your own glaze and artwork or decal and fire away. The additional images show a fun way to create really unique knobs. The knobs are ready to be fired in the last photo. The threaded insert is separate and can be glued into the knob after your custom work is completed. You are purchasing one knob and one threaded insert. D. Lawless hardware


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