1-5/16" Full Overlay 4-Way Adjustable Compact Face Frame Hinge LQ-H70146-NP-A

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Product Overview

Easy to install single one piece face frame Euro hinge for full overlay doors partial wrap face frame plate.
Functions the same as H70237C-NP-C Liberty Retail Product.

    • Builder's European style compact one piece hinge. Mounting plate and hinge are one easy to install unit.
    • Opening angle is 105 degrees.
    • Self closing.
    • Designed for face frame cabinets with overlay doors 1-5/16" overlay.
    • Hinge is for cabinets with a 3/4" thick face frame.
    • Cup 35mm. Cup depth 7/16". Bore distance (k) 1/8".
    • Comes with screws in the press-in dowels. Dowels are used in MDF or particle board. If mounting in solid wood, remove the dowels and use only the wood screws.
    • Mounting screws not included for the face frame part. Each hinge requires one #6-7 screw to attach to the face frame.

Your are purchasing one hinge with dowels.

Nickel plated
4-Way Adjustable -- door height up/down by 5+ mm and overlay more or less by 2.5 mm
Liberty Hardware
Installation hinge picture may not be exact match, but function and installed appearance is the same.

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