Flip Flop Table Hinge - Leaf Support - Brass

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You need no other support than these hinges when you want to have a table leaf pop up in the raised position. These are the hinges used in restaurants when you see a waiter flip up a leaf to turn a square table into a round one for extra space. Leaf folds back 180 degrees under the table and hides away until needed. Hinge measures 7-1/2" x 5-1/4". Use two hinges per leaf. Leveler Hinge quickly converts square table tops to round tops. Steel yellow zinc plated. As with all spring loaded hinges, keep fingers away from moving parts. Use caution when installing, spring loaded in two dimensions. How To Open: Hold up like a pyramid or a triangle with springs at base. Then look at the flat top where it would be like the top of pyramid was cut off --- there is a small black spring clip held by two rivets. This is what holds it in closed position. Place a screwdriver next to the clip and between the two plates and just pop the two sides apart.. Easy-Peasy. Hinge weighs 13 ounces each. DOES NOT COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS This hinge is identical to the H05161-BP-A from Liberty Hardware. 10 #8 flat head screws (not included) are required per hinge. D Lawless Hardware


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