Ice Box Catch Left Handed Offset Mount DL-B327L-POL

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Product Overview

Ice Box Catch Left Handed Offset Mount. This latch is 3/8" (10 mm) offset as the original. Look of old fashion catch. Not lacquered so they may be easily aged or hand-polished. If your door is hinged on the LEFT, you open it with left hand - so you require this left handed set. This ice box latch is an authentic re-creation of the original "Simmon's Hardware" latch used on most of the old ice boxes you see. All parts are hand-cast in solid brass.

Hand-Casting in sand molds just like the originals produces a reliable antique reproduction. Small imperfections are natural to this product and lend to the authenticity by the very nature of the process. These are high quality for the age in which they were originally produced but they are not machine perfect and never intended to be so. Latch

  • Centers: 1 1/4" and 3/4" (32 mm and 19 mm)
  • Dimensions: 2 5/16" x 1 1/8" (59 mm x 29 mm)
  • Latch Length: 3 1/4" (83 mm)
  • Overall Latch Length: 4-1/4"
  • Latch Width: 3/8" (10 mm)
  • Finish: Solid Brass

Strike Base

  • Centers: 1 1/4" and 3/4" (32 mm and 19 mm)
  • Dimensions: 2 1/4" x 3/4" x 1 3/4" (57 mm x 19 mm x 45 mm)
  • Finish: Solid Brass

Requires #7 Wood Screw. D. Lawless Hardware


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