Pair Brass Glass Door Hinges With Spacers L-H1691A-BP-C

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Product Overview

Brass glass door hinge set fits 3/16 to 1/4 glass. Set includes top and bottom hinge for left or right hand glass door, 8.8mm ferrules, spacers, and 4 steel set screws. You will require one set for each glass door. These hinges will work on both left and right handed glass doors. For inset application. 1/ 2 width x 1 9/16 length

Suggested maximum weight per pair is 28 pounds. However, more width versus the height of your glass door will create a greater "twisting" effect which will want to pull the outside edge of your door downward. A 1/4" thick glass door 12" tall x 48" wide will only weigh 15 pounds, but expecting the hinges to fight the leverage of glass extending 4' away from the hinge side is unwise. So just use some common sense. And, make sure you get a tight fit top to bottom -- the set screws are just to hold the glass from being removed not to keep it from twisting downward. Have fun!

1. Locate the centers for the bushings. This hole should be located or drilled 15/32" (12mm) away from the inside of the cabinet face. Hole diameter to drill is 9mm. Hole depth 10mm.
2. To drill these pivot bushing holes, it is best to use a metric brad point drill set. If you do not have a metric set, use a standard fractional set and drill a 11/32" diameter hole.
3.If the cabinet is not already assembled, do so now. Insert bushings, then hinges into bushings. Measure the vertical distance between the insides of the hinges where glass will fit. Deduct 2mm from this measurement to allow for clearance. Cut glass panel according to this calculation.
4. Install pressure plates. Place lower hinge into bushings. Slide bottom corner of glass door into hinge. Hold door swung outward. It should swing out to about 60 degrees. Now place upper hinge into bushing and slide top of door into hinge. Adjust door glass panel to what appears to be a good lateral position, and tighten one screw in each hinge.
5. Make final adjustments for fit and alignment by loosening set screws and slipping glass into final position. Then, tighten both set screws.

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