Flat Top 13/16" Chrome Mounting Base for Knob and Pull Making

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Bright as the chrome on a 57 Caddy. Yeah, Daddy-O, put an eyeball on this cool knob. Imagine this throwback in your pad making all the cats you hang with go ape! Mid-Century Modern is radioactive. So, don't be a cube and lay dibs on this knob for small dough right now. If you can dig what I am sayin' you must be a Big Daddy like me! We are lucky to have pictures of this base in use as a knob on a mid century modern dresser makeover at the popular decorating blog Evolution of Style as seen in the additional images!

  • Diameter: 13/16" (22mm)
  • Projection: 13/16" (20.9mm)
  • Color: Chrome

Order appropriate #8 x 32 screw for your application.. D. Lawless Hardware


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