Hinge Pin Door Closer - Bright Brass L-B6000

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Door Closer Hinge Pin Type
This Liberty Hardware allows you to turn light weight interior doors into self-closing doors. No need to remove door for installation. Long lasting construction features adjustable spring and nylon bearing to reduce friction. A 30 pound door such as a wood hollow core door will close with one unit according to the manufacturer, however, we recommend using one unit per hinge. In our office, I installed these on a 36 inch commercial steel door which has three hinges. I installed one for each hinge. This works great. All of these closers from various manufacturers come from the same factory in China-- Ace Hardware, Stanley, or whatever. I mention this because I discovered something while installing mine, and I do not want you to think that it is a something unique to our unit-- you must have 1/2" between the edge of the hinge leaf and the door facing to a;;ow room for the "clip" that snaps over the hinge leaves. See Pictures and read "Technical Info".
These closers have no instructions with them. Examine them, however, and it will be obvious how they work. A long pin is included to be used to push the old hinge pin out by inserting it into the bottom of the knuckle and pushing up. Slip the decorative cover off so it will not be damaged during install. There are two jaws tight together on the pin end of these units. These must be pried apart slightly with a screw driver as you slip them down over the hinge leaves just behind the hinge knuckle. As you push the "pin" part of this unit in to replace the regular hinge pin, make sure as you push down that one part of this jaw goes on each side of the hinge. When fully inserted, replace the decorative cover. Do one hinge at a time-- do not remove the door. Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 0.8 inches

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