Brass Cabinet Key for Cabinet Lockset C756K

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A die cast key Brass plated. A traditional style key for lock set. Metal is plated in a bright brass finish. These keys fit our C756 lock sets. Some customers have found them to fit other lock sets as well.

In the additional images you can see this little brass cabinet key in use with two of our brass escutcheons.

First picture is from Hunted Interior and pairs the key with escutcheon K11-C756R. And the second group of photos comes from Creative Moments who matched the key up with two more D. Lawless Hardware products in the brass bail pull (P32-B3587SB) and another brass escutcheon (K12-B3611SB). Our locks and keys keep getting more popular and I've got a few more pictures from Two Broke Housewives where this key fit right in and unlocked the original antique lock! And another beautiful project in a black desk using our escutcheons (K11-C756R) & keys from Melissa at Purposefully Repurposed!

The nice dresser makeover in white comes to us from one of our top contributors Creative Moments The lovely, colorful drop front desk comes to us fromTwo Broke Housewives! The wonderful black desk with the D. Lawless escutcheon and key comes from Purposely Purposed!

  • Length: 2 3/8" (60 mm)
  • Width: 1" (25.4 mm)(left) - 3/16" (5 mm)(right)
  • Finish: Bright Brass

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