Brass Plated Draw Catch w/ Screws - 2 3/4" (1007)

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Product Overview

Brass plated draw catch. Perfect for jewelry boxes or trunks. Made of plated steel base material. In the additional images you can see we were lucky to get pictures from customer Ginger when she posted this beautiful and surely unique suitcase dresser on Facebook. 2 3/4" long x 1 1/2" wide. Comes with 5 5/8" flat head brass Phillips screws. D. Lawless Hardware Replaces 0864XC

Mounting Instructions: 1. Position latch at desired location and mark screw holes. 2. Drill 3/32" pilot hole and secure latch with screws provided. 3. Position strike above latch so that wire loop of latch will fit securely. 4. Mark screw holes, drill pilot holes and secure with screws provided.

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