Brass Plated Cabinet Label Holder w/ Finger Pull - 2 1/2" (1300)

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Product Overview

This brass plated cabinet label holder is the type used on old office file cabinets. Nowadays people use them to label all sorts of stuff at home and at the office. The finger pull allows the label holder to take care of two things at once. Recently used in tandem with our brass cup pull label holder at the DIY and furniture makeover blog Chic California as you can see in the additional images. Used more recently at Anastasia Vintage alongside Unicorn Spit paint on a truly unique curbside find desk makeover. And another great project from Rehab to Fab on a beautiful mustard chest with matching brass labels.
  • Overall Width: 2 1/2"
  • Overall Height: 1 3/16"
  • Label Cutout Width: 1 7/8"
  • Label Cutout Height: 1"
  • Centers: 2 1/4"
Does NOT include screws. We recommend using a #5 screw. D. Lawless Hardware
All links open in a new tab. The photos of this label holder mixed with another style of D. Lawless label holders come from Adrienne Elizabeth at Home Style Life on a lovely milk paint hutch makeover. The nice piece using Unicorn Spit paint comes to us from Anastasia Vintage! The final set comes from top talent and consistent business partner Rehab to Fab!

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