Flipper Door Slide - Ball Bearing Set of Two - 18" L-D77018-ZP-A

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Product Overview

18 inch Ball bearing pocket door slide Set of Two for one door

This is one set of medium duty flipper door slides with permanently affixed 4-1/2" follower bracket. One slide goes at the top of the opening and one at the bottom. A follower board is fabricated by the user to go between these slides. Full overlay euro fully concealed hinges are attached to this follower and to the door as in the illustration. Installation requires not ordinarily found around the house and some cabinet-making skills. Not difficult if you have the proper tools and skills.
Please read Technical Information

Installation of flipper or pocket doors is a snap for builders and manufacturers with this set of slides. Designed to be used with a wood follower strip fabricated by the user, these will accommodate practically any sized door. One set of two slides is normally required for each door, but a 3rd slide may be used on extra large or heavy doors. All 3 may be attached to the same follower.

The door must be attached to the follower by a hinge which must be purchased separately by or furnished by the builder. The typical application calls for a 110 degree, 00 crank, full overlay Euro hinge to be used in face frameless cabinet. The recommended hinge would be LQ-H71023-NP-A and plate would be L-H71006-NP-A. However, these may not work for every application, and builder should make this determination themselves. This is a set of 2 slides (enough for one door). A typical installation will require 2 sets. Technical Specifications
Mounting: Side mounted to the cabinet side panel. Hinge is mounted in wooden follower strip.
Features: Designed to use wooden follower strip, 3rd slide is mountable to the cabinet for heavier door support.
Height: Minimum 1/16" between door and cabinet
Clearance: 1/2" plus 1/32" minus 0" each side
Loading Rate: 20 pound class
Finish: Zinc plated ( ZP )
14"/350 mm -352.6 overall-265.0 mm travel
Installation instructions and screws not included. This is not a consumer pack item.

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