1-1/4" Decagon Fluted Glass Knob Clear

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Product Overview

Decagon fluted clear glass knob with hole through center. An old fashion antique style knob. This glass knob comes with chrome plated machine screw that slides through knob and is held in place by chrome plated nut. This knob was featured on and looks great on many differing styles of dressers on the blogs Number Fifty-Three, Finding Silver Pennies, Colour Saturated Life, and Embracing Change as seen in the additional images.

  • Diameter: 1 1/4"
  • Projection: 1 1/2"
  • Color: Clear Glass


Please note this measurement information: The bolt (2-1/2") that comes standard with these extends beyond the back of this glass knob 1-3/8". A 2" bolt is available near the bottom of the page, often used with the smaller glass knobs, in order to have less bolt protruding out the back. Or you can purchase our ferrules to make these mount just like any other knob. D. Lawless Hardware Depression Glass Collection

All links open in a new tab. The first furniture makeover with the diagonal design and wood stain comes from the beautiful blog Colour Saturated Life! The nice big dresser comes from Finding Silver Pennies and features cup pulls from D. Lawless Hardware as well. Danielle calls this one The Leighton Dresser! And the second piece from Finding Silver Pennies she calls Coco! Wow! I can't believe I've been working with Angela from Number Fifty-Three since 2013!! Her nice two-toned antique dresser features these knobs and is probably one of the first sets of additional images I ever got! The final pics come from a top contributor in Stacey from Embracing Change! I have linked to a search for "Lawless" on her blog because she has so many posts using our glass collection that I couldn't find the exact post.

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