Fine Sanding Sheets - #0 - Cleaning & Smoothing - 99 Sq. Inches

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Product Overview

UltraSand was developed by Rhodes/American, the world's largest manufacturer of steel wool and a leading innovator in abrasive and filter technology. Utilizing a revolutionary manufacturing process, steel wool and synthetic fibers are fusion bonded, creating a material with unparalleled strength and flexibility. UltraSand outlasts and outperforms ordinary sandpaper and other abrasive products, making it "the finest way to finish" any stained, painted, varnished, shellacked, or clear coated surface.

  • Nonwoven metallic finishing sheets last 3 times longer than sandpaper.
  • Won't scratch or groove finished surfaces like sandpaper.
  • Durable construction prevents rips or tears.
  • For use with hand, block, & power sanders.
  • Unique self-renewing surface resists clogging and loading.


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