16" X 3-3/4" Large Brich Wood Scroll Applique with Cameo

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Product Overview

This large scroll wood applique features a crown with a cameo center. Beautiful real birch applique, unfinished so you can stain or paint as you please. This unique large scroll is 16" long and will beautiful add a nice touch to long, empty horizontal spaces begging for detail. In the additional images you can see this large scroll applique in use on the DIY and homemaking blog Plum Doodles. In this project the scroll applique has been painted white and used to add some detail to a simple bedroom mirror. Real wood, so it accepts all types of stains and finishes. 16" x 3 3/4" D. Lawless Hardware
All links open in a new tab. Thank you Plum Doodles for the first nice set of photos! And thank you to Timeless Furniture Resto by Lisa for the wonderful set of photos on the vanity makeover!

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