3/4" Lawlesski Rainbow Crystal Rose Flower Prism Knob

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Product Overview

This Rainbow Crystal Rose Knob reflects the entire spectrum of visible light from a 24 K gold plated base. A sturdy, but delicate-looking, beauty in hand-pressed crystal glass.

We apologize for the drastic increase in price for this knob. We carry a pretty deep stock of some items and we had not re-ordered this beauty for over a year. The cost of labor, materials, and the shortage of craftsmen for hand-wrought glass has now made this knob uneconomical for some of our customers.

  • Diameter: 3/4" (20mm)
  • Projection: 1 1/4" (31.75mm)
  • Base: 5/8" (15.87mm)
  • Color: pink, green, clear


Comes with 1" screw suitable for 3/4" drawer or door face. D. Lawless Hardware

All links open in a new tab. Wow! What a pair of end table featuring the Lawlesski glass from Aunt Eeeks - Furniture with Flair!! Beautiful website as well!

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