Single GFCI Outlet /Rocker Wall Plate Oil Rubbed Bronze W077ZMP-OB3-U

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Product Overview

Rich Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Plate Single GFCI Outlet Plate or Rocker Cover. Colonial Style switch plate for a single GFCI duplex outlet or switch. This heavy cast metal switch plate or outlet cover will be a perfect tie-in with those new oil rubbed bronze kitchen and bath fixtures, knobs and pulls.


Please Read Before Purchasing:

These wall plates are beauties, but we inspect all our products for quality control, and the samples we pulled contained about 25-30 percent small finish imperfections. We have over 15,000 of these in stock and are, at least for the moment, not inclined to inspect every one of them. I cannot see the imperfections from 2 feet away, and I really believe that nobody would notice once they are installed, but we try very hard not to create headaches for ourselves or our customers. So, you are getting a great price on a very nice plate, and are being notified of what to expect. If unintentional imperfection bothers you, here's what will work very nicely: Using #0000 steel wool and wiping all in one direction you can create a beautiful Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. Take a look at the "distressed" picture. A little elbow grease-- like 10 seconds-- and Viola! And if you are disappointed, send them all back--not just the ones you do not like--for a full product refund as per our return policy. Your choice for switch or outlet in areas where electrical shock is a concern due to exposure to wet surfaces or water, such as bathroom, laundry room or kitchen. GFCI standard is for " Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt". These duplex outlets have a built-in circuit breaker that disconnects the electricity when a sudden new "ground" path ( possibly you) appears. Measures 3-1/2" wide x 5" tall Liberty Hardware Product Comes with mounting screws and instructions for mounting and care.

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