1" Antique Glass Knob Clear

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Product Overview

This is an old fashion antique style of clear glass knob just like grandma had on her kitchen cabinets back in the day. These clear glass knobs are made using original antique glass formulas and will age to reflect a mellow champagne color over the years. This makes them perfect for adding an antique touch to old furniture. The glass knob is mounted with a chrome plated machine screw that slides through the glass knob and is held in place by a chrome plated nut. Modern mount ferrule will not fit this small knob. Perfect for small drawers as seen in the additional images from the furniture design blog Number Fifty-Three. Also pictured is this knob in use with our oil rubbed bronze mounting ferrule in a picture from Maggie Overby Studios. And again, the images from Gail at My Repurposed Life shows these beautiful reproduction glass knobs used just how they were designed to be used on a beautiful reclaimed Singer sewing table. The last picture is from Maureen at Nouvelle Vie Restoration.


  • Diameter: 1" (25.4 mm)
  • Projection: 1" (25.4 mm)
  • Color: Clear Glass

Please note this measurement information: The bolt (2-1/2") that comes standard with these extends beyond the back of this glass knob 1-5/8". A 2" bolt is available near the bottom of the page, often used with the smaller glass knobs, in order to have less bolt protruding out the back. D. Lawless Hardware Depression Glass Collection

See the articles the photos came from! The photos from Number Fifty-Three come from an article where she compared fabric and foam rollers when painting furniture. The nice shots from Maggie Overby Studios come from a great dresser makeover that she topped with our little glass knobs. And the beautiful sewing table makeover from My Repurposed Life features these cute little clear glass knobs as well! Viv & Violets is responsible for the big dark blue dresser that is absolutely stunning using two sizes of our clear depression glass knobs! (Facebook link)

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