1-1/4" Antique Glass Knob Coke Bottle Green

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Product Overview

Glass drawer knob - Coke Bottle Green - Hole through center. Old fashion antique style glass drawer knob with all of the charm you remember. Recently used on a really cool tall farmhouse dresser at the DIY blog Lilacs Hack Furniture as seen in the additional images! And again paired with our new verdigris cup pulls (DL-P2683-064VDG) by ReDesigned by Doherty! And we got a nice shot of this knob from another customer in Donna at ReFab-ulous Furniture on a cute little lingerie dresser! Beautiful green glass knob is the color of old Coca Cola glass bottles. Comes with a chrome plated machine screw that slides through the glass knob and holds the knob in place with a chrome plated nut. This is the original style and fastening method. If you would like to attach these old charmers with a modern knob screw and avoid the protrusion of a nut and screw behind the door front, purchase the ferrule kits at the bottom of the previous page in the length and finish you require.

  • Diameter: 1 1/4" (31.75 mm)
  • Projection: 1 1/4" tall (31.75 mm)
  • Color: Coke Bottle Green


Please note this measurement information: The bolt (2-1/2") that comes standard with these extends beyond the back of this glass knob 1-3/8". A 2" bolt is available near the bottom of the page, often used with the smaller glass knobs, in order to have less bolt protruding out the back. D. Lawless Hardware Depression Glass Collection

All links open in a new tab. I could only find one place to link for this page even though I've got several projects. Where did you go Lilacs Hack!!?? ReFab-ulous Furniture is plenty active though! Their page is well worth the look. Thank you for the photos of this pull and for using D. Lawless! Purposefully Repurposed is the talent behind the wonderful leafy green dresser with the matching green glass knobs!

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